How it works: package delivery example

When the customer orders goods online, the package can be delivered without the customer being at home. Using an access code, the goods are delivered to a VarioCube locker. The customer is being notified about the arrival by e-mail or SMS including a pickup code. They can pickup their package from the VarioCube at any time that's suitable for them.


Because not all business processes are that easy, the individual configuration is crucial to our VarioCubes - both of hardware and software!

Whether it's design or function, let your creativity flow. There are no limits for your VarioCube design. Be a modern visionary and thrill your customers with visually and functionally pleasing solutions.

Flexible and extendable

By design the cubes can easily be extended or reduced at any time. The software can be adapted as your requirements change over time. Grow your cube with your business!


At location the cube can be used through a touch screen while a web interface offers online access to the cube`s functions.

Maintenance / Update

VarioCubes can be remotely maintained as needed. Software updates can be deployed from a central location and specified times.

User management

Local user management, roles, integration with central databases, LDAP, time-based access, etc.