Under the hood

Each VarioCube is equipped with a computer - the cube controller. It allows to control each locker through a web interface from any location around the globe, thus make it accessible to other persons. Depending on your use case we can indiviually configure your VarioCube. That applies to both hardware (number and dimension of lockers, surface design, branding) and software. We implement exactly the processes you need! Solutions for the most common use cases come out of the box.

The think tank behind VarioCubes

Hardware, software and a boxes from metal or wood are the main ingredients of our VarioCubes. They are not so hard to supply, right?

But what are the ingredients without the cook?!

We, the team of onlinegroup.at GmbH are behind VarioCube. Our 17 years of experience in IT and the interdisciplinary approach of our members enabled us not only to develop electronic locker systems, but also give them function that is valuable to everyday`s business in all kinds of areas.

How do you do profit from that?

You not only buy a locker system, you buy a solution that works out of the box.

If you have special requirements, it might very likely be a small customization for us. You don't need to start from scratch, which is always big effort, time consuming and risky. Our frameworks guarantee speed and flexibility for implementing your solution.