VARIO CUBEs are locker systems with electronic locks that can be centrally controlled over a network.

Each cube is equipped with a computer - the cube controller. It allows to control each locker through a web interface from any location.

Depending on your use case, we create an individual configuration for your VarioCube. Choose your desired amount of lockers, their dimension and surface. Select from a range of hardware options and let our software integrate seamlessly into your business cases.

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VarioCube models for standard solutions:

CLESY CUBE        for laundry service

PACK CUBE          for package logistics

SERVICE CUBE   for storage and transfer of goods, as point of sale

CAR CUBE            for vehicle fleet management

VarioCube Worlds

We identified VarioCube worlds and designed perfect combinations of different VarioCubes to tackle the manifold challanges of these special environments in a simple, quick and cost efficient way.

VarioCube World: Terminal (train station, airport)

VarioCube World: Shopping Mall

VarioCube World: Sole proprietors/SMEs (local suppliers, gas stations)

VarioCube World: Enterprise

VarioCube World: Residential neighborhood

VarioCube World: Car rental



The use cases for VarioCube are as versatile as their design. We continuously improve and extend our products to meet our customer requests at the top-most level and help them to make their business processes as efficient and customer friendly as possible.

Our know-how from over 17 successful years in the IT business are the key to your individual business solutions.

VarioCube stands for

a smart locker system with

  • individual locker configuration,
  • software that supports the business process perfectly,
  • and a locking mechanism that has been proven thousands of times.

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