OfficeLine the individual locker for offices.

The most versatile office locker, customisable to your needs.

OfficeLine, the product line for intelligent locker systems in the office, offers exceptional versatility and customisability. In cooperation with a furniture manufacturer, flexible locker modules were developed that can not only be combined to form classic locker systems, but also combine form and function as room dividers, wall panelling or free-standing furniture. For this purpose, the individual locker modules can be lined up in a grid, stacked and provided with any décor. This innovative solution increases efficiency and creates an individual, aesthetic atmosphere in modern office environments.

With Variocube's turnkey applications for intelligent locker systems, you can save your employees unnecessary walking and waiting time and provide them with personal storage facilities in desk-sharing areas.

OfficeLine - versatile integration in office environments.

Locker systems in office environments are extremely versatile and can be free-standing or built into niches. Thanks to their flexible composition and the use of cover panels, they can even be used as room dividers or office furniture.

OfficeLine from Variocube is tailored precisely to these requirements and offers you the ideal solution for these diverse applications. With OfficeLine, you can not only store your personal belongings, drop off parcels and much more, but also efficiently design your office environment and adapt it to your individual needs.

Flexible surface design

Individual in every detail

A wide selection of decors, colours and surface finishes (high-gloss, soft-touch, wood imitation) means that there are no limits to the design.

Design grid - construction kit

With the well thought-out design grid, the systems can be easily put together and are available in a short time.

Simply without APP

Ease of use for employees

The turnkey Variocube software applications facilitate the daily work of your employees and save time and effort. Own apps on the smartphone are not necessary.

POBox - Parcel box


Incoming mail stations, parcel stations for employees



Internal mail distribution, Inbound and outbound processes



Rental solutions, Hardware stocking and issuance



Personal lockers for employees



Goods issue, acceptance of defective equipment

Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Pick-up station for customers

A locker for all types of use at the workplace.

Intelligent locker systems for companies offer a wide range of functions and application options that make everyday office life much easier. They not only serve as a personal locker for employees, but also enable efficient internal parcel and mail distribution, the collection of goods and equipment, use as an incoming mail station and much more. There are (almost) no limits to the versatility of locker systems, especially the high-quality OfficeLine from Variocube.

With one or more central VARIOCUBE intralogistics hubs, you save valuable time and unnecessary journeys for your employees and suppliers. And the best thing about it? Different applications can be combined in one system. For example, SafeCube for storage and LogisticsCube for internal mail and parcel distribution.

Simple configuration in the design grid.


Whether you need locker systems for an open-plan office, a meeting room or a corridor, OfficeLine offers you the option of individual design. Thanks to the modular structure, you can design the locker system entirely according to your ideas, taking into account both the needs of your employees and the spatial conditions. This flexibility makes OfficeLine the optimal choice for anyone looking for a customised locker system for the office.

The structure of the OfficeLine office lockers is based on a design grid in cuboid form (380 x 380 x 380 mm). Thanks to the modular principle, the height and width of the entire system can be individually determined and precisely adapted to the available space. Cover plates or panels form the lateral finish.

Surfaces as individual as your rooms.

What's more, with office lockers you can not only improve the functionality of your office furnishings, but also make an aesthetic statement. With the option to design the locker modules in different colours and finishes, you can perfectly integrate the locker system into the design of your office while maintaining a professional appearance. Customised locker systems that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing go a long way towards creating a productive and pleasant working environment.


  • Plain colours
  • Wood imitation
  • Stone replica
  • Design decors

Surface finishes

  • High gloss
  • Matt
  • Softtouch
  • Anti-Fingerprint
  • Structures

The basic module

OfficeLine office cabinets are extremely adaptable and individually configurable. They consist of modular elements and can be flexibly assembled in different widths (0.5, 1, 1.5-fold) and heights (1, 2 or 3-fold). This versatility enables customised solutions for every type of office. The possibility of colour design means that the locker systems fit in perfectly with the office design and the modularity allows for optimal use of space and freedom of design.

OL-1 (basic cuboid)

Outside without door 380 x 380 x 360 mm (W x H x D)
Outside incl. door 380 x 380 x 380 mm (W x H x D)

Modular portfolio

VC OfficeLine Office Lockers Portfolio

Power supply icon

Little construction effort - the required infrastructure.

A VARIOCUBE OfficeLine parcel locker only requires a 230 volt socket and an internet connection. The internet connection is usually established by the built-in LTE router. Our CUBE Admin Center is directly connected to the cloud service of the mobile operator via an API. By operating our own APN in the LTE network, we have very extensive monitoring and security mechanisms at our disposal.

Optional scanners, readers and more...

OfficeLine Master Module with barcode and QR code scanner

With the optional equipment options of the terminal compartment, the range of functions can be further expanded. It is possible to install various readers and scanners. 


The Variocube I/O Extender connects external systems with the Smart Lockers in order to address them system-wide

Scanner & Reader

Barcode / QR code scanner and NFC reader (Mifare & Legic) extend the range of functions.

Payment terminal

Goods and services can be paid for directly by EC or credit card via the payment terminal.


An external keypad can be used to open doors and gates from outside, for example.

Cloud Software. Secure and efficient.

With our cloud solution, you save costs compared to on-premise solutions. The security of your data and the up-to-dateness of the software is increased by the professional support of the ISO 27001-certified data centre.

Cloud solutions are significantly less susceptible to faults or can be rectified very quickly if the worst comes to the worst. You don't have to put additional strain on your IT and save on personnel and working hours.

You get a secure, AES256-encrypted, GDPR-compliant, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Interfaces to your systems.

The intelligent lockers can be integrated into existing software solutions such as ERP, CRM and shop systems, employee databases and much more via our interfaces (API).

Safe is safe

Encrypted data connections via APN in the mobile network, certified cloud data centres and much more make our VC Cloud solution a secure choice.


Our solutions are GDPR-compliant and our cloud data centres are located in Ireland and Germany.

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