CLESY CUBE - the smart drop-off and pick-up station for laundry service

clesyclean makes a leap to the next generation of customer-oriented services with CLESY CUBE.

CLESY CUBE is a locker system that is composed of many electronic closets - depending on the amount of employees of a corporation or customers of a local supplies, shopping mall or a gas station who use clesyclean services. These closets are centrally managed by the clesyclean system and can be used by the customer through the touch screen on-site.

How does a CLESY CUBE work?

  1. The clesyclean customer orders the cleaning service through a mobile website on their phone and receives a PIN code to drop-off their clothes. When the customer enters this code at the screen of the CLESY CUBE, a closet opens and the customer can hang their clothes.
  2. After closing the door, the laundry is notified that the clothes can be picked up for cleaning.
  3. Once the cleaning is done the laundry brings the clean clothes back to the cube.
  4. The clesyclean customer receives a notification that his cleaned clothes are ready for pick-up.
  5. The customer pays online (via credit/debit card, PayPal, digital wallets, direct debit, etc.) and receives another PIN code, that they can use to access the closet with their clothes.

Example of a CLESY CUBE at a gas station

3D view of the CLESY CUBE

CLESY CUBE at the workplace

The fight for the brightest minds requires new ways to show employees your appreciation. The installation of a CLESY CUBE is an opportunity to offer employees an additional fringe benefit and at the same time to improve their work-life-balance.

For employees it is comfortable to get their laundry done directly from the workplace.

The combination with a PACK CUBE for private and corporate package logistics is a perfect match. More and more goods are bought online and often customers have them delivered to their workplace. That can lead to overload of business resources (secretary, mail department), therefore some companies don't allow delivery of private packages to the workplace. With a PACK CUBE packages can be delivered for a specific employee without ever making someone busy.