PACK CUBE - The package solution

Today more and more often goods are ordered online and delivered by various delivery services. The problem of ineffective delivery is already a classic.

In corporate environments the process of mail acceptance is often fast and reliably managed by a mail department. However, the distribution of packages within the office is often time-consuming and cost-intensive. The personal handover is tedious, because employees can be in meetings or working in the field. That's why companies tend to not allowing the retrieval of personal packages at the workplace. Of course that doesn't help to the attractiveness as an employer!

The ideal solution for this problem is called PACK CUBE.



A PACK CUBE consists of an appropriate number of lockers for packages, depending on the amount of housing units on location. Additionally each housing unit have their own postbox for letters in the PACK CUBE as well.

Delivery services can deliver a resident`s package into a locker of the PACK CUBE without requiring the physical presence of them. Once the package is delivered the resident will be notified and assigned a PIN code that can be used to pick up the package from the locker at any time.

This is also a convenient way to handle returns. If the resident doesn't like the goods and wants to returns them, they can simply put it back to the locker and order a pick-up by the delivery service. Again the pick-up can happen independently of the presence of the resident.


The PACK CUBE is dimensioned according to the amount of daily arriving packages. Depending on the site one or more PACK CUBE are installed.

Incoming packages are no longer accepted by the mail department and distributed across the company, but by the PACK CUBE, which serves as a central hub for package logistics. The recipients are notified when a parcel arrives and they can pick it up at any time. An acknowledgement of receipt is no longer necessary, because the pick-up by the user is electronically logged. This information can be transferred to third party systems as needed.

Outbound mail can also be handled by the PACK CUBE. Each authorized employee can store outgoing mail to the PACK CUBE as needed. At regular intervals the mail department picks up these mailings and schedules optimized shipment.