Interne Logistik vereinfachen mit LogisticsCube

Internal mail distribution with LogisticsCube.

Optimise mailroom processes with the help of optimise processes around the mailroom with the help of smart locker systems.

With the Variocube LogisticsCube application and smart lockers, you can make your company's internal mail distribution and dispatch more secure, efficient and time-dependent. Through the API, our LogisticsCube application can be fully integrated into your processes, or you can use the solution stand-alone and build your processes from scratch. Especially in growing companies, the question of how letters and parcels can be distributed in the future arises again and again. Our software and hardware offers you the decisive advantage.

Lösungen für Paketfächer

Solutions for companies and office buildings

Smart locker systems can perform numerous tasks in companies. As personal lockers for employees to pick up goods and equipment, as an internal mail station in the office building and much more. Due to the versatility of our hardware and software, there are (almost) no limits.

Advantages for your processes.

Fully integrated thanks to interfaces

Thanks to the open interfaces (API), LogisticsCube can be integrated into your existing processes and workflows and supplemented with a locker system.

Receiving and shipping processes

Whether distribution of incoming mail or internal and external dispatch. With software and hardware solutions from Variocube, you can decouple and simplify handovers.

Stand-alone solutions

LogisticsCube can also be used as a stand-alone solution. Linked to your ActiveDirectory or similar, mail distribution can be simplified.

Reduce effort, save time and increase security in internal mail distribution.

OCR Lableerkennung

Label recognition via OCR.

With a stand-alone solution, the first step is to capture the consignment with all the relevant data using a camera and an OCR solution and enter it into the system. A barcode is then created and the item can be taken to the appropriate locker. Afterwards, the recipient(s):in receives a notification.

Secure transfer to the recipient.

By sending the notification directly to the recipient or using the employee ID card, you ensure that only authorised persons can receive the consignment. This means that hazardous materials or expensive equipment can only be removed by the authorised recipient.

Interne Postverteilung optimieren

Inbound and outbound processes.

Not only is it possible to receive items via the system, but also to dispatch them. The consignment is simply recorded in the system and deposited in the cube; labelling and handover to the shipping service provider is handled by the post office.

Dokumente werden gescannt

Digitisation of letters.

In addition to handing over items, it is also possible to scan letters using Mailroom Solution and send them to the recipient by e-mail. If the original is still needed, it can simply be removed from the archive using the timestamp.

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The process from acceptance to handover.

Ablauf von LogisticsCube zur internen Postverteiliung
  1. The consignment is delivered and captured by one of our employees using OCR software and a barcode is created.
  2. The consignment is placed in the appropriate locker.
  3. Die Abholbenachrichtigung wird versandt
  4. Collection with a pick-up code or employee ID card.

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