Internal mail distribution with LogisticsCube.

Optimise mailroom processes with the help of optimise processes around the mailroom with the help of smart locker systems.

With the Variocube LogisticsCube application in combination with smart lockers, you can handle internal mail distribution, goods distribution, incoming mail and parcels as well as dispatch.

Thanks to the temporally decoupled and secure transfer by means of a smart locker, it is possible to offer efficient and cost-effective internal logistics even in times of home offices and desk sharing.

With an API, our LogisticsCube application can be fully integrated into your processes. Alternatively, you can also use the system as a stand-alone solution to best support your internal mail distribution and other processes.

The LogisticsCube application is already in use at many companies and has been continuously developed from customer requirements. This ensures a very high level of practicality and efficiency in the processes.

Especially in growing companies with a constantly changing structure and number of employees, the question of how letters and parcels can be distributed in the future arises time and again. Our software and hardware offers you a decisive advantage: it is smart, flexible and versatile.

Advantages for your processes.

Save time

Consignments or goods no longer have to be no longer have to be brought to the workplace, employees can remove all shipments from the locker and collect them from the locker.

Reduce costs

The elimination of multiple delivery attempts within the company enables personnel resources to be utilised more efficiently. A higher delivery rate is achieved by optimising the first and last mile.

Safety & Sustainability

Reduced transport volume due to fewer delivery attempts lowers your company's CO₂ emissions. Consignments are stored securely in the locker and only authorised persons can open them.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria makes consignment and material transfer processes fit for the future.

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) in Klosterneuburg / Lower Austria has been conducting cutting-edge research in the disciplines of physics, mathematics, computer science and life sciences since 2006. For the steadily increasing number of parcel deliveries, the institute relies on locker systems and software solutions from Variocube to receive and distribute them internally in an efficient and traceable manner.

Reduce effort, save time and increase security in internal mail distribution.

By comprehensively analysing your existing solutions and processes in the area of internal mail distribution, we can adapt the LogisticsCube APP precisely to your requirements. The combination of software and smart locker systems offers you a wide range of solutions and possible application scenarios, from simple receipt to distribution to employees, recording and digitalisation. The interfaces allow us to access employee and location data directly, thus avoiding duplicate maintenance and saving time and costs.

OCR label recognition

Capture & deliver incoming mail and packages with OCR.

Items are accepted at your mail receiving centre and recorded using a camera and OCR (optical character recognition) software. They are then taken by your employees to the appropriate locker system and deposited. By collecting all deliveries in the systems, routes for mailroom employees are optimised, thereby reducing costs and CO₂ emissions. Collections are made using a unique delivery code or the employee ID card.

Solutions for parcel lockers and internal mail distribution

Internal mail distribution and parcel handling.

Internal mail distribution and parcel dispatch to colleagues or departments can also be realised at different times using one or more locker systems and the LogisticsCube app.
Using an interface in your ActiveDirectory or other employee databases, mail items can be announced in our system and then deposited in a locker. The mailroom then simply transfers them to the appropriate locker system and automatically notifies the recipient via e-mail or SMS.

Optimise internal mail distribution

Outbound and returns processes.

Not only is it possible to receive items via the system, but also to dispatch them. The shipment is simply entered in the system and deposited in the locker system; labeling and handover to the shipping service provider is handled by the mailroom. Returns are registered in the portal and processed centrally.

Secure handover to the recipient.

By sending the notification directly to the recipient or using the employee ID card, you ensure that only authorised persons can accept the consignment. This means that hazardous materials or expensive equipment can only be removed by authorised persons. This increases the security of internal mail distribution and ensures that only the recipient can accept a consignment.

Documents are scanned

Digitisation of letters.

In addition to handing over consignments, there is also the option of digitising letters in collaboration with a scanning service provider and sending them to the recipient by email. If the original is still required, it can simply be removed from the archive using the timestamp.

Free online demo

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OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Label recognition.

Automated process reduce the time and effort required for data entry.

Automation is finding its way into many areas of the company, so it can also significantly simplify processes in the mailroom. Recipients can be easily captured using OCR recognition of the address labels.

The partially automated process of address entry saves time, as manual entry in form fields is no longer necessary. In addition, sources of error are reduced because typing errors are avoided. If readability problems do occur due to damaged labels or illegible writing, the consignment is identified in the system for manual reworking.

Automatic assignment of internal recipients.

The link to their ActiveDirectory or to others Employee databases enables the automatic creation of a delivery slip or label, which is attached to the item. With the generated barcode, the item can then be booked into the appropriate system. The collector receives a shipment notification and a pick-up code. This effectively saves costs and further optimises processes in the entire delivery and reception process.

Always deliver successfully.

Avoid multiple deliveries in internal mail distribution and optimise routes.

In many Corporates it is part of everyday life that mailroom employees have to go from department to department or from person to person to deliver letters, parcels or internal mail.

This takes an enormous amount of time for internal mail distribution, delivery trolleys have to be loaded and then pushed through sometimes narrow aisles. If a colleague is then unavailable, the consignment is taken away again and finds its way back to the mailroom for another delivery attempt. This causes enormous personnel and transport costs, and the time required for internal mail distribution is immense. 

With smart locker systems and Variocube's field-proven software, these internal mail distribution scenarios are a thing of the past.

Post & parcel acceptance

Post and parcels are stored in the parcel station by delivery staff. Deliveries are therefore independent of the employees' attendance times. The delivery staff no longer have to pass through security gates.

Mail processing in the mailroom

Incoming consignments are recorded by your post office using OCR and automatically assigned to the recipient(s). The consignment is then taken to a nearby parcel station.

IST Austria - Uni Campus

Smart positioning in highly frequented areas

The distribution in passageways, stairwells and foyers is particularly suitable for making the parcel stations easily accessible to all employees.

A central station

Separate rooms with generously dimensioned parcel stations are also possible in the centre of each building or on campus.

Solutions for parcel lockers and internal mail distribution

Optimised routes

No more multiple delivery attempts, more flexibility for all employees.

Smart locker system for residential buildings

Correct positioning shortens delivery routes.

Smart locker systems are positioned at highly frequented and central locations in or in front of the building. For example, in the foyer, near the staff entrances, on circulation areas such as corridors, on the individual floors or departments.

Mailroom employees store their items in the corresponding system and colleagues can now collect them at any time on their way to work or after a break. Retrofitting locker systems is easy; all you need is a 230V power connection and access to the Internet via LAN or LTE.

Desk sharing and home office: decouple delivery/collection in terms of time

Modern work concepts such as desk sharing, working from home or remote working often make internal mail distribution even more complicated. Employees are less likely to be seen in the office or no longer have a permanently assigned seat. To remedy this situation, a smart locker system The transmission can be received from Variocube at any time without a time limit.

Safe pickup.

Using the unique collection code, which is sent directly to the relevant person, or with the employee ID card, the consignments can only be removed by the authorised person. This increases security, especially for confidential documents or hazardous materials. In addition, an unalterable log is created and stored in the background.

Reliable software solutions.

Variocube specializes in interdisciplinary SaaS Solutions with a strong focus on modular and customizable cabinet systems. To this end, we draw on our 20 years of know-how. The development of our own software solutions, high-quality cabinet systems and the cooperation with other manufacturers makes us an innovation leader. We deliver turn-key or customized solutions for your micro-logistics hub challenges.

Solutions for companies and office buildings

Smart locker systems can fulfil numerous tasks in companies that go beyond internal mail distribution. As personal lockers for employees to collect goods and equipment, as a mail and parcel station in the office building and much more. Due to the versatility of our hardware and software, there are (almost) no limits.

Locker systems - flexible, versatile and modular.

A locker system is composed of several modules, so the system can be perfectly matched to your individual requirements. You thus have the appropriate compartment sizes and the correct total number of compartments.

Our innovative, flexible locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. This means you get a durable, resistant locker system with a long service life and low service costs.

Save time and money now.

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