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Smart locker systems for public spaces such as university campuses, city halls, and other public places, will play an increasingly important role in cities and towns in the future to meet the growing demands for parcel delivery, delivery, and goods exchange.

Our daily lives require more and more flexibility; many can't make it to stores or the post office during weekday opening hours. These problems can be solved with smart publicly accessible lockers in busy places, in shopping streets or traffic hubs.

Public lockers at the university campus, in the town hall, in the theater, in the city of the future.

The Variocube locker system is the ideal smart locker system for public spaces. All that is required is a 230 V power connection, communication is via a built-in SIM card, so our locker systems can also be installed at the appropriate locations at a later date with little effort.

Thanks to a variety of user-friendly functions, numerous services such as dry cleaning, click & collect, rental lockers and much more can already be offered out-of-the-box. If these are not sufficient, we will develop a customised solution together with you.

Used correctly, smart locker systems are an important component of the smart city.

Modular system - one site with a wide range of possibilities

Click & Collect application

Click & Collect

With Click & Collect solutions, local retailers can easily hand over ordered goods.

Icon Software PO Box

Parcel Shipping & Receiving

Parcels can be left in the locker for recipients, but pickup orders can also be assigned to parcel service providers.

Text Cube

Laundry service

Textile dry cleaners can receive the textiles to be cleaned via special locker sizes and return them after cleaning.

Icon Software ServieCube

Exchange of goods

Privately sold goods or borrowed items can be exchanged between private individuals.

Lockers at transport hubs

Variocube locker systems for railway stations

The classic place of use of locker systems for public spaces are transportation hubs such as train stations, airports or other busy public facilities and squares. Up to now, these facilities have been used in most cases only for luggage storage.

Our smart locker systems are now extending the benefits of these dusty facilities. By setting up a Variocube solution, it will also be possible in the future for goods exchange, Click & Collect and package reception to be made possible via the same location.

Smart solutions for universities, colleges, high schools and other educational institutions

Locker systems are widely used at educational institutions. In the entrance areas for storing unneeded items or at the sports facilities for clothing. At large institutions, several hundred lockers can quickly accumulate. The maintenance and administration effort caused by defective locks, skewered keys or forgotten number combinations is therefore correspondingly high.

Issuing keys, collecting deposits, etc. is time-consuming and often complicated to handle for several hundred people. This can be simplified with smart locker systems, access codes are simply sent by e-mail.

Forgotten keys or defective padlocks are a thing of the past. The administration tools make it easy to open lockers via an app and reassign codes. In this way, they massively reduce the service effort, as no employee has to fetch tools or spare keys anymore.

Traffic Chaos - The last mile delivery problem and how public space locker systems help solve it.

Last mile in logistics

The last mile is a challenge for many logistics companies: Due to the increasing volume, employees are under high strain, and the personnel expenses as well as the complex and costly maintenance of the vehicle fleet put pressure on the industry.

Even traffic planners know the problem: a traffic jam of delivery vehicles threatens to block the city. The number of online orders is increasing, but at delivery times people are usually not at home and no reliable neighbor can be reached.

Here, locker systems for public spaces offer an ideal solution, where parcels can be picked up or deposited for collection by the parcel service. The parcel service provider no longer has to search for a parking space for individual parcels, get out, ring the bell and drive on again only to be unable to deliver the shipment. In the future, parcels can be delivered directly to a nearby location with lockers, saving recipients and delivery staff time and unnecessary trips.

This is Variocube's contribution to solving the last mile problem.

How city centres benefit from smart locker systems.

Public smart locker systems are automated locker systems installed in urban areas that enable various services such as dry cleaning, parcel station, click & collect and movement of goods.

The TexCube textile cleaning system in the public smart lockers allows residents to clean their clothes conveniently and save time. They can place their dirty laundry in the designated compartments and schedule a pick-up. The cleaning team collects the clothes, cleans them and then puts or hangs them back in the appropriate compartments.

A parcel station is part of the public Smart Locker system that allows residents to receive and pick up parcels. Urban areas benefit as residents can pick up their parcels at a central location instead of having to wait for a delivery to their home address, or having to complete an extra trip to the pick-up station. This saves time and reduces the burden of delivery traffic in the city.

The Click & Collect service with public smart lockers allows customers to collect goods ordered online from a nearby locker. After the order has been processed, customers receive a collection code with which they can retrieve their package from the corresponding locker. This is especially convenient for people who do not have time to wait for a delivery. Combined with a regional marketplace like   local suppliers and producers can also successfully offer their goods via the Smart-Locker network.

The movement of goods through public smart locker systems offers several advantages for urban areas. It facilitates the secure exchange of goods between people, for example when selling through online marketplaces. Transactions can be conducted in a public place, eliminating the often cumbersome process of finding appointments for handovers.

The use of public smart lockers helps to increase efficiency by facilitating access to various services and the exchange of goods. People can make better use of their time by seamlessly completing cleaning services, parcel pick-up and the movement of goods without having to rely on traditional pick-up or delivery methods.

Public smart locker systems promote sustainability in urban areas by reducing the need for transport. By centrally placing the lockers, residents can pick up their laundry, parcels and goods close to them without having to travel long distances. This helps to reduce traffic congestion and emissions.

Yes, public smart locker systems are secure. They use advanced technologies such as encrypted pick-up codes and a direct LTE connection to ensure the security of stored items and the privacy of users.

Users can use public Smart Locker systems by registering and managing their services via a mobile app or web browser. They can place their laundry, parcels or goods in the appropriate lockers, schedule pick-ups and receive pick-up codes to collect their items or parcels.

The cost of using public smart locker systems may vary depending on the service and provider, or may be provided free of charge by municipalities. Some services may be free, while others may charge a fee. The exact costs and payment methods are usually determined by the operator of the smart locker systems and communicated to users.

Yes, the public Smart Locker systems often also offer the possibility to store luggage securely for a fee. This is especially convenient for travellers who want to keep their suitcases and bags safe before checking into their hotel or after checking out, so they can explore the city without being burdened.

Yes, public smart locker systems in one place combined with a car sharing platform. This allows users to rent and drop off cars at a central location. The combination of both services simplifies access to vehicles and promotes the use of car sharing as a practical and environmentally friendly transport solution.

Yes, public smart locker systems can also be in the same location with a bike sharing station. This allows users to borrow bikes and return them after use. The combination of bike-sharing and smart-lockers promotes the use of bicycles as an environmentally friendly alternative in urban transport.

Yes, a charging option for e-bikes can be integrated into public Smart Locker systems. This is particularly practical for owners of e-bikes who want to charge their batteries while in the city. The possibility to charge e-bikes helps to promote electromobility and extend the range of e-bikes.

Payment for the use of the public smart locker systems is usually made via a mobile app or at a payment terminal at the lockers. The exact payment methods and prices vary depending on the provider and service. Users are usually given clear information about the costs and payment methods when registering and booking the services.

Set off now for the city of the future!

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