Accessible parcel station for people with disabilities

Unlock4All a barrier-free parcel station in Linz

Customised solutions for individual requirements

Our barrier-free parcel stations are specially designed to meet the individual needs of people with disabilities. We offer customised solutions to enable parcel reception for all user groups around the clock.

The importance of an accessible parcel station for inclusion

Accessible parcel stations play an important role in promoting inclusion. Learn from us how our solutions help people with disabilities to use smart parcel stations without restrictions.

With our many years of experience and innovative approaches, we set the highest standards for accessible parcel stations. Discover the latest features that offer our customers an accessible experience.

Advantages of a barrier-free parcel station

24/7 package reception for all!


Thanks to the smart functions, everyone can use parcel stations without unnecessary hurdles.

Special functions

The wide range of functions makes it possible to address a wide variety of impairment types.

User profiles

Thanks to different user profiles, compartment types can be individually assigned according to need.

User groups of the barrier-free parcel station for people with impairments.

Easy operation for people with motor impairments

Our barrier-free parcel stations impress with their user-friendly operation, which is specially designed for people with motor impairments. For wheelchair users, pull-outs (drawers) are built into the predefined compartments to enable easy removal of the items.

Tactile and visual orientation aids for visually impaired people

For people with visual impairments, we offer tactile and visual orientation aids at our parcel stations. Each compartment is equipped with a piezo buzzer and a ring light to make it easier to find the open compartment. The code is also entered via a physical keypad and a voice output facilitates operation if required.

Speech output and accessibility for people with hearing impairments

We place great emphasis on accessibility for the hearing impaired. Our parcel stations are equipped with voice output functions to enable smooth communication and a pleasant user experience.

Pioneer company in the field of barrier-free parcel stations for people with disabilities

Partnerships with non-profit organisations and associations for people with disabilities

We are proud to partner with disability organisations to best meet the needs of people with disabilities. Learn more about how we are making a positive difference together.

Unlock4All research project


How smart locker systems can be used by people with disabilities.
A research project in cooperation with: Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs, Gredata Consulting, WU Wien - Institute for Transport Economics and Logistics, RocknRolla

Unique features of an accessible parcel station for people with special needs from Variocube

Voice output

The voice output is activated after the button on the display (bottom right) has been pressed.

Code entry on the keypad

The pick-up code can also be entered on the physical keypad.

Localisation buzzer

Piezo buzzers are integrated to make it easier to find the open compartment.

Shelf pull-outs

For wheelchair users, compartment pull-outs are fitted in specified compartments so that the parcels can be removed.

Localisation with light

When opening, a flashing red ring light is activated.

Assigned box type

Depending on the user type, the appropriate compartments are automatically assigned.

User management

The user type "Accessible" is assigned in the user backend the software for the Variocube smart parcel station.

The foundation stone for our barrier-free Parcel stations is the The innovative software solution for stress-free receiving & sending of parcels from Variocube.

Thanks to numerous functions, the Variocube Parcel stations no wishes are left open. Unlimited number of users and plug & play capability are just two examples. Based on the the hardware & software functions for people with disabilities were further developed.

Questions about barrier-free parcel stations? Here are some answers:

Accessible parcel stations have special features such as visual, acoustic and tactile orientation aids to facilitate access and use for people with disabilities.

Accessible parcel stations provide a convenient and accessible solution for people with disabilities to receive and collect parcels independently. They promote independence and inclusion.

Accessible parcel stations offer operating aids such as voice output, visual displays, high-contrast controls and tactile orientation aids to meet the individual needs of people with disabilities.

Accessible parcel stations are in themselves very secure; the doors can only be opened with suitable burglary tools and a great deal of force. In addition, security measures such as surveillance cameras, access control systems and alarm functions can ensure the safety of the users.

Yes, barrier-free parcel stations are accessible for wheelchair users and have facilities such as compartment pull-outs for removing items. Sufficient space is taken into account when selecting the location.

Yes, parcels can usually be sent to accessible parcel stations. You can specify the desired station when ordering or sending.

Registration and use of an accessible parcel station is usually done directly in the or via the operator's website. There you can register, create user profiles and manage your user type (accessible).

The costs for using an accessible parcel station can vary depending on the provider and tariff. Information about the exact costs can be found on the providers' websites.

Individual needs analysis and concept development

Our experts offer you an individual needs analysis and concept development for your barrier-free parcel station. Find out how we develop customised solutions for your specific requirements.

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