Smart locker systems for businesses and office buildings.

The multitool: Optimise internal mail, parcel and goods distribution, Officelocker for desk sharing, pick-up stations, rental & service solutions...

Smart locker systems for Corporates can perform numerous tasks. As personal lockers for employees, for efficient internal parcel and mail distribution, for goods and equipment collection, as an incoming mail station and much more. Due to the versatility of our Hard- and Software there are (almost) no limits. With one or more central VARIOCUBE intralogistics hubs, you save your employees and suppliers time and unnecessary journeys. Automatic notifications of receipt or dispatch keep your mail traffic clear and traceable. High-quality locker systems protect your consignments from unauthorised access.

Your advantages with Variocube

Occupied locker

Flexible assignment modular structure

Allows use as needed, no superfluous compartments. So you can use the space of their building more efficiently.

A wide range of applications

use cases

Personal locker, internal mail distribution, goods issue, equipment rental, car sharing, etc.

Flexible surface design

Integrated into interior design

A wide range of surface finishes, or custom made by carpenters / furniture manufacturers.

Smart API

Interfaces to existing systems

Our interfaces (API) allow the smart lockers to be integrated into existing software solutions.

Desk sharing brings new challenges:

Locker systems as a component of contemporary working environments.

In modern office buildings, the 1:1 allocation of desks is increasingly being abandoned. In many companies, this is almost considered a relic. The trend towards flexible workplaces in the office (hot desk) in home offices, coffee shops or workcations has long since become reality. Therefore, the requirements for companies are also changing; not every employee needs a desk at the same time anymore. He or she simply books a table in an area of the company from which they want to work.

Smart locker systems for companies offer an ideal Solution for objects that are to remain in the office permanently or only briefly overnight. The lockers can be variably assigned so that your employees always have a suitable locker nearby, thus saving time and unnecessary walking. However, the field of application of these systems does not end with the storage solution. Just one example: with the addition of the software LogisticsCube the internal and external mail of your employees can be easily deposited in a system, regardless of their presence in the office. Removal can be done by access card, pin code or smartphone.

Office locker with RFID and integrated charging options.

New hybrid working models are also changing the requirements for office space. The development is moving away from 1:1 allocation towards more flexible models beyond "departmental thinking". Through concepts such as desk sharing (hotdesk), employees can organise themselves flexibly in project teams etc. and also work together spatially. 

But where to put the work materials at the end of the working day? This is where locker systems with RFID readers are often used. In addition, the RFID locks supplied by us can be operated with the Variocube software and/or VC-Terminal can be connected. The lockers can be opened, everything stowed away and locked again with the employee ID card, a key-fob, smartphone or touch terminal. Your employees save themselves unnecessary long journeys to the lockers and changing rooms in the basement or the extra weight in their bags.

Officelocker can be used either by the Interior designers planned, from Furniture maker customised and then equipped with our hardware components, or ordered as turnkey units. Optionally, it is also possible to charge devices directly in the compartment by means of a USB connection.

Smart locker systems supplement fobs and cards with a touch- terminal and the use of smartphone.

If the conventional RFID locks are supplemented with a Variocube terminal, the doors of the Officelocker can also be opened with a smartphone or a combination of numbers by entering them on the display. This configuration enables maximum user-friendliness for your employees.

Your advantages with office safe deposit boxes:

  • Time saving due to shortened routes.
  • Storage space for personal belongings or work materials.
  • Use as a logistics hub for goods transfers or consignments.
  • Customisable in design - turn-key or made-to-measure.
  • Can be used as a room divider to separate areas.

Software for this use case:

Internal parcel and consignment distribution

LogsitcsCube for a modern and efficient mailroom

Especially in growing companies, the question often arises: How can incoming letters and parcels be distributed efficiently? The LogisticsCube solution combines intelligent locker systems with an efficient mail and parcel distribution solution for companies. Software interfaces to your systems enable low-maintenance use without duplicate maintenance, systems such as ActiveDirectory, SAP, CRM and ERP systems as well as other employee databases can be connected.

You want to continue using your existing systems? LogisticsCube does the work in the background.

Incoming consignments

Parcel reception - OCR capture - distribution - storage

Internal transfers

Select Kelleg:in - Enclose consignment note - Storage


Enter recipient - enclose consignment note - store - dispatch

Predefined recipients

Select document destruction - store - transfer to shredder

Partially automated mail distribution processes make everyday work easier.

Your colleague in the mailroom receives the letters and parcels, records them via OCR scan and places them in one of the lockers distributed in the building or on campus. The department or a:n employee:in then receives a message with a pick-up code and collects the item from one of the nearby stations. This avoids unnecessary journeys and makes better use of staff. Dispatch, internal transfer between colleagues and file destruction can also be handled via the system.

Solutions for parcel lockers and internal mail distribution

Further use cases for smart locker systems:

We develop innovative processes and locker solutions.

Equipment pickup and return

The cell phone is broken and the responsible department is at an important training for 3 days? How can your employee get hold of the urgently needed replacement device? With our smart locker systems, you can create a handover point in the company that is independent of working hours. Spare devices can be stocked in the locker and released to the respective employees as needed.

Laptop repair
Employees on the construction site

Provide tools flexibly in terms of time.

Tools can also be easily lent out via our solution. Your advantage? You have a precise history of who has borrowed which tool from when to when. So you know if there is enough available and where an expensive special tool is currently located.

Simplify spare parts issue and stock pickups.

After a longer than planned day, your assembly team returns and still has to load the material for the next day. But the goods issue area in the internal warehouse is already closed and the warehouse employees are already on their way home? With a smart locker system in your company, picked items can be picked up regardless of time and delays and unnecessary overtime can be reduced.

Your warehouse staff collect all the necessary parts and tools in a locker and send a pickup code to the assembly team after successful storage. Now they can load the vehicle without much hustle and stress.

Warehouse staff
Business photo created by senivpetro -
Variocube smart locker systems

Added value for employees: Receiving private parcels

By optionally registering on, employees can also have private parcel shipments delivered to the Variocube pick-up station. This saves them the trip to the post office and they are always happy to take their items home on the same day.

Correct positioning shortens delivery routes.

In many companies, mailroom staff spend a lot of time transporting internal items such as letters and parcels from department to department, a process that is not only time-consuming but also causes high personnel and transport costs, especially when recipients are not found and items have to be returned and redelivered. intelligent locker systems, which are installed in central and highly frequented locations in the company, e.g. in the foyer or at the employee entrance, offer an efficient solution.

This means that employees can pick up their consignments flexibly on their way to work or during breaks, and they are easy to install as they only require a 230V power connection and the Internet connection is established via integrated LTE routers.

Post & parcel acceptance

Post and parcels are stored in the parcel station by delivery staff. Deliveries are therefore independent of the employees' attendance times. The delivery staff no longer have to pass through security gates.

Mail processing in the mailroom

Incoming consignments are recorded by your post office using OCR and automatically assigned to the recipient(s). The consignment is then taken to a nearby parcel station.

IST Austria - Uni Campus

Smart positioning in highly frequented areas

The distribution in passageways, stairwells and foyers is particularly suitable for making the parcel stations easily accessible to all employees.

A central station

Separate rooms with generously dimensioned parcel stations are also possible in the centre of each building or on campus.

Solutions for parcel lockers and internal mail distribution

Optimised routes

No more multiple delivery attempts, more flexibility for all employees.

Cloud Software. Secure and efficient.

POBox - Parcel box


Mail and parcel logistics,
goods transfer.



Rental lockers, daylocker, luggage storage



Device service, hardware storage, rental

Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Click & Collect, Multi-Channel-Solution dry cleaning services



Internal mail distribution, Inbound and outbound processes



Rental solutions, Hardware stocking and issuance

With our cloud solution, you reduce costs compared to on-premises solutions. The security of your data and the up-to-dateness of the software is increased by the professional support of the ISO 27001 certified data centre. 

Cloud solutions are affected by disruptions much less frequently or, if the worst comes to the worst, they are remedied very quickly. They do not have to place an additional burden on their IT and save personnel and working time.

You get a secure, AES256 encrypted, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Interfaces to your systems.

Thanks to our open interfaces (API), the smart lockers can be integrated into existing software solutions, e.g. ERP, CRM and shop systems, employee databases and much more.

Cloud-based, microservice architecture is:

  • Scalable – it can be scaled horizontally at any time. 
  • Reliable – Essential services are distributed across multiple sites or closely monitored.
  • Up-to-date – through our continuous delivery process based on Kanban, all our customers are always up to date.
  • Secure – AES256 encryption enables secure data transmission and prevents the opening of compartments by third parties.
Smart API

Versatile hardware.

Can be integrated into the interior design or ready-made locker modules

VC Integration Kit - the uncomplicated way to your own solution

Locker systems are making their way into more and more areas of daily life. The fields of application are wide-ranging and concern both the private and the business environment. Be it the reception of parcels in one's own apartment building, the collection of goods at a Click & Collect pick-up station or the mere storage of luggage in tourism. In all cases, it is possible to equip the locker systems with intelligent systems so that they can be controlled with smartphones, chip cards or codes.

Enables partner companies to use innovative hardware and software in their own furniture and locker systems. The VC Integrator Kit consists of the VC terminal with industrial PC and touch screen and the locks suitable for the requirement with or without integrated RFID reader.

Variocube locker modules - Modular system in industrial quality

Our innovative, flexible, modular locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. You get durable, long-lasting lockers with low service requirements. The electronic components used, such as controllers and touchscreens, meet industry standards to ensure long-lasting durability. All this is Made in Austria - so we meet the highest quality standards.

Variocube enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor use

Variocube solutions in use.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Smart locker systems for companies

Smart locker systems for businesses are versatile solutions for improving internal mail and parcel distribution, goods issue, equipment rental and much more. They serve as personal lockers for employees and enable efficient workflows.

  • Time saving due to shortened routes
  • Flexible assignment for maximum efficiency
  • Wide range of applications such as internal parcel distribution, equipment rental, etc.
  • Integration into the interior design through flexible surface design
  • Interfaces for integration into existing systems

In modern working environments, where desk occupancy has become more flexible, smart locker systems offer a solution. Employees can use individual lockers to store objects or work materials independently of fixed workstations.

The compartments are variably assigned and enable the storage of items, consignments or work materials. Removal takes place via access cards, pin codes or smartphones. Hybrid working models can also be better supported in this way.

RFID locks with integrated charging options offer convenience. Employees can access the compartments with their ID card, smartphone or terminal. Replacement equipment or tools can thus be provided efficiently.

  • Equipment collection and return: Independent delivery of replacement equipment
  • RentalCube: Flexible provision of tools and equipment
  • Spare parts delivery and collection: Reduction of overtime hours

The LogisticsCube solution makes letter and parcel distribution more efficient. Letters and parcels are scanned and placed in compartments. Employees receive pick-up codes and avoid unnecessary journeys.

The cloud solution offers scalability, reliability, timeliness and security. Interfaces to existing systems enable seamless integration into corporate processes.

The integration of Variocube hardware into locker systems or joinery allows for a customised design. The lockers blend harmoniously into the design, while the software ensures smooth operations.

The high-quality locker modules offer long-lasting quality and low service costs. The cloud-based solution guarantees security, efficiency and modern workflows.

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