Smart locker systems for shopping malls.

Offer your visitors maximum shopping comfort.

Too warm with your jacket on, your hands full, but still more things to get? In order to make your customers' stay as relaxed as possible, convenience offers are essential. Locker systems are therefore standard in shopping centres, as they literally free up your visitors' hands.

The innovative Variocube smart Locker system for shopping centres offers clear advantages for operators and visitors. Low maintenance costs and reduced personnel costs are decisive factors for centre operators. 

But also Customers benefit from smart locker systems for shopping centres, especially thanks to the versatile solutions with functions such as Day-locker, Click & Collect Station or drop-off and pick-up for Textile cleaning services.

Advantages of smart locker systems for shopping centre operators

Flexible surface design

Individual design

Various materials and high quality finishes available, depending on the interior design.

Versatile admin tools

Significantly reduced service costs

No more lost keys and codes: you save on the cost of looking after the locker systems in your shopping centres.

Payment function

Payment function optional

Payment function via NFC reader at the terminal or online payment via the app possible.

A wide range of applications


Several applications are possible on one system: luggage storage, dry cleaning, Click & Collect ...

Advantages of smart locker systems for your visitors

Simply without APP

Easy registration

Enter the telephone number on the display or use the booking portal.

Share locker

Family & Friends Sharing

A locker can be shared. A family or friends share a locker. Every smartphone becomes a key!

No crowding

No crowding

By using online booking, there are no waiting times in front of lockers.

No smartphone app

Variocube is web-based, i.e. users do not need to install their own app on their smartphone.

Offer added value to the stores and visitors -
smart locker systems for shopping centers from Variocube.

Smart Variocube locker systems for shopping centres cover many areas, provide additional convenience for customers and expand your store's offering. This makes the shopping experience more positive and keeps visitors coming back. Variocube is the innovative solution for locker systems in shopping centres. Daylocker

Stow away shopping

Hands full of bags and no desire to go out to eat with your new purchases. Smart locker systems for shopping centres put an end to this. Easy operation and centralised access make Variocube locker systems a crowd favourite. Purchases are simply and easily stored in the lockers, the locker opens at the touch of a button and everything is quickly stowed away. You can grab a bite to eat or a drink in peace without having to hurry. Many returning users book a locker on the way in so that they can leave their jackets directly in the entrance area in winter, for example.

Click & Collect, continue shopping after closing time

Click & Collect lockers from Variocube are the ideal solution for combining the best of bricks-and-mortar retail with the world of online retail. Goods of all kinds can be collected or exchanged around the clock, regardless of the time. The multichannel approach saves customers time and travel. Companies are opening up smart locker systems for shopping centres, new business areas and optimised processes. 

Click & Collect with locker systems Daylocker

Flexible organisation of service and rental

Our ServiceCube software solution is ideal for bringing defective devices to the service centre. Both inbound and outbound processes can be realised with our comprehensive software. This enables a convenient exchange of goods with customers that is independent of opening hours. Interfaces enable integration into existing processes and software solutions (shop, merchandise management and ERP systems).

Textile cleaning for a complete offer

You can also round off your service offering with a textile cleaning service. We already have an automatic collection and delivery point for textiles as a new distribution channel for dry cleaners. If you need support with this, we can also provide our partner company Clesygroup GmbH with a dry cleaning service. clesyclean recommend. 


We will be happy to answer any open questions and advise you on additional usage and configuration options.

Simple use of smart locker systems for shopping centres.

Rental lockers are a crowd favourite.

Online booking:

The lockers can be reserved and paid for directly via an online booking portal. This eliminates long queues at the system's operating terminal and payment is straightforward. The access codes are sent by e-mail or SMS. A booked locker can be opened at any time via the WebApp.

Booking on the system:

All the necessary data is entered at the system's operating terminal and the charges are paid using contactless payment at the card terminal. Depending on the configuration or customer request, delivery is made by e-mail, text message or on the display. The booked compartment can be opened at any time via the WebApp.

How does the booking and utilisation process work?

Open and use via WebApp.

SafeCube is 100 % web-based, so your visitors do not need to install their own app on their smartphone. They receive access to their individual locker via the link sent to them and can open it at any time, even if they are not there in person. The locker can also be returned there at the end of the period of use.

What is a WebApp?
WebApps are platform-independent and do not require installation, which simplifies access. They are updated centrally so that users always use the latest version without having to perform manual updates. The development of web apps is often more cost-effective as they utilise universal web technologies and do not have to be specially adapted for different smartphone operating systems.

Free or chargeable use.

Short amortisation periods with flexible rental costs.

Operators of smart locker systems for shopping centres have various options available to them - free use or a fee-based service.

If you choose to use the lockers for a fee, you can reserve them online in advance and pay for them using your preferred method of payment.

Alternatively, users can also rent a locker directly on the system and use the built-in card terminal for payment. We support you in integrating the payment service provider.

The opening code is either sent by e-mail or text message after booking or shown once directly on the locker system display and can be noted down.

Locker systems for shopping centres Use

Retrofit into existing locker systems:

With the modular locking and electronic components plus cloud software.

Smart locker systems are superior to conventional coin-operated lockers in many respects. The advantages of smart locker systems for shopping centres are: Payment by credit card, no keys that get stuck, flexible rental costs, different prices depending on locker size and the codes can be shared with family members.

They offer a modern and user-friendly solution for secure storage with electronic payment and convenient access. The switch to smart locker systems promises an improved user experience and more efficiency for operators and users alike.

Retrofitting with the Integrator Kit

With the Variocube locking mechanisms and other electronic components, your existing coin-operated locker systems can be upgraded to intelligent locker systems in cooperation with partner companies. The cloud-based software SafeCube rounds off the new customer service.

Coin lockers vs. smart lockers.

Comparison of maintenance costs, utilisation, etc.

Coin lockers
Smart Locker Systems
AccessRequires coins or tokens to unlockAccess via various methods such as opening code (PIN), WebApp, etc.
User-friendlinessEasy to use as no technology is required. Only a conventional key is needed.More convenient and intuitive thanks to modern unlocking methods. Keys cannot be jammed or lost.
AdministrationLimited control options.Centralised management through SafeCube software. Emergency opening and cleaning accesses can be created by the admin.
Rental costsCoin insertion is usually only possible with €0.50-2 coins.Rental costs may vary by compartment size, prices can be changed in the backend. Guests receive the proof of purchase by e-mail.
PaymentBy error-prone coin insertion.Directly in the online portal during the booking process or on site via a card terminal.
SecurityLimited security as cheap locks can be easily picked.Robust compartment doors and carcasses as well as locks with very high tensile strength make breaking open possible only with force and burglary tools.
Fault toleranceSusceptible to coin blocking, jammed code cylinders, defective keys or other malfunctions.Robust and durable locking technology, high-quality hinges and a reliable, encrypted cloud infrastructure make the systems low-maintenance.
CostsLow purchase costs but high maintenance costs.Acquisition and maintenance costs are quickly amortised through variable rental fees.
FlexibilityLow flexibility in access regulation.High flexibility through customisable configuration and time control
User experienceSimple but limited functions for users. Only one key available.Usage code can be transmitted by e-mail, SMS or by showing it once on the display. Family members can open lockers without a key at any time using the code.
TraceabilityLimited traceability of use.Detailed transaction recording and statistics.

Versatile hardware for rental lockers.

Can be integrated into the interior design or ready-made locker modules

VC Integration Kit - the uncomplicated way to your own solution

Locker systems are making their way into more and more areas of daily life. The fields of application are wide-ranging and concern both the private and the business environment. Be it the reception of parcels in one's own apartment building, the collection of goods at a Click & Collect pick-up station or the mere storage of luggage in tourism. In all cases, it is possible to equip the locker systems with intelligent systems so that they can be controlled with smartphones, chip cards or codes.

Variocube locker modules - Modular system in industrial quality

Our innovative, flexible, modular locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. You get durable, long-lasting lockers with low service requirements. The electronic components used, such as controllers and touchscreens, meet industry standards to ensure long-lasting durability. All this is Made in Austria - so we meet the highest quality standards.

Variocube enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor use

Smart locker systems for shopping centres: frequently asked questions and comprehensive answers

Smart locker systems offer clear benefits to both operators and visitors. They reduce service costs, allow for customised design, offer payment functions and enable multiple uses for various applications such as luggage storage, dry cleaning, click & collect and much more.

Registration is done simply by entering the telephone number or e-mail address on the display. Visitors receive a digital key card by text message or e-mail and can use their smartphone as a key to access the locker. In a group of family or friends, several smartphones can share a locker. Alternatively, the access code can be shown directly on the display when booking. The locker can also be opened by entering the code on the display.

Yes, visitors can be reminded to empty their locker by SMS or email. As a result, fewer lost property items are left behind and operations become more efficient.

Smart locker systems for shopping centres from Variocube bring additional convenience for visitors and expand the range of services for stores in shopping centres. They offer new sales and service channels, enable the storage of purchases and can be used as a Click & Collect station.

Use can also be subject to a charge. Payment functions can be integrated via NFC terminals or online payment services.

Yes, the intelligent locker systems offer an automatic pick-up and drop-off point for dry cleaning. This allows shopping centres to add dry cleaning to their range of services. Dry cleaners located in the centre can extend their service hours (drop-off and pick-up) and thus offer their customers a high standard of service at low cost.

Yes, the intelligent locker systems can be customised with foils beyond the standard coating. A sneeze installation ensures an elegant overall appearance of the system and integrates it into the existing interior design. Or you can contact your carpenter or furniture maker, who will make the compartments to measure, and we will equip them with locks, controls and software.

By using a smart locker system for shopping centres, key losses and forgotten codes are avoided, which reduces the support effort and costs for the locker system. Maintenance and management tools for cleaning and occupancy status are also available.

Yes, thanks to the open software, the smart locker systems can be integrated into the EKZ app and the CRM, ERP systems of the tenants. This enables seamless integration and comprehensive service.

Yes, if required, the partner company Clesygroup GmbH with its service clesyclean can be recommended. Clesyclean supports dry cleaners in the digitalisation of their services and the integration of 24/7 pick-up and drop-off services. Clesyclean does not operate its own dry cleaners.

Yes, Variocube's intelligent locker systems offer a high level of security. They have robust materials, resistant locking systems and all data connections are encrypted.

The duration of use of the lockers is flexible; the operator can determine the maximum duration of use himself. Visitors can use a locker from a few hours to several days, depending on their needs and availability.

Yes, the locker systems can be cleaned and maintained regularly, a "maintenance code" is generated for this purpose. This only opens the unused lockers and always remains the same, you can give this code to your cleaning staff or cleaning service provider.

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