24/7 pharmacy: Click and Collect pick-up station

Hand over medicines at any time with a smart pick-up station.

Digitalisation is in full swing and does not stop at pharmacies. By offering click and collect, pharmacies are responding directly to the growing needs of customers. Fully digital pick-up stations are already in operation at pharmacies, simplifying the pick-up process and promoting sales in the online shop.

As soon as a pharmacy offers Click and Collect, opening hours are extended to 24/7. The use of a smart pick-up station brings new opportunities, better customer loyalty and new sales channels.

Our Variocube can freestanding can be set up in front of the pharmacy or permanently installed as a Click and Collect system accessible from inside and outside.

The locker systems fulfil high security standards and can be individually configured to meet the hardware and software requirements of our customers. The customisability enables the integration of pass-throughs, night interlocks, cooling compartments and the connection to merchandise management systems.

People in pharmacies: Click and Collect pick-up station

For a future-orientated pharmacy: Click and Collect advantages

Across Austria, 220 million packs of prescription and over-the-counter medicines worth €4.8 billion were dispensed to customers by pharmacy staff in 2020. This corresponds to an average turnover of €21.81 per pack. These figures also provide an insight into the existing potential of click and collect for pharmacies, especially when you factor in the time and effort required by those simply collecting the products without making any additional purchases. With a smart pick-up station, you can save money on pure pick-ups, have more time for consultation and increase turnover from the additional sales that often result.

Source: https://www.pharmig.at/media/3942/daten_und_fakten_2021_deutsch.pdf

Available 24/7

Customers can pick up or return goods at any time - even on weekends.

Little effort, easy to integrate

Store goods easily with just a few clicks or integrate them into existing shop systems.

Satisfied customers, more sales

Easy combination of on- and offline, high customer service and frequency in front of the shop.

First-hand experience:

Alexander Bonmann, pharmacist from Essen

"Digitalised business processes with Click and Collect for pharmacies save costs, increase customer potential and bring greater customer satisfaction."

From ordering to collection from the Pharmacy: Click and Collect

Smart Click and Collect pick-up stations for pharmacies are being integrated:

Offering Click and Collect in the pharmacy means a consistent and convenient process for your customers: After stocking, your customer receives a message that the item is ready for collection. The handover then takes place 24/7, without waiting times, outside opening hours and without additional working hours via the Click and Collect pick-up station for pharmacies. Our Variocubes offer even more possibilities, as our software solutions are prepared for multiple use.

Other applications, such as parcel stations, can be activated at any time. In this way, you also increase the frequency at your pharmacy and create new attention for the location. 

Maximum adaptability for every design.

Variocube enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor use

The hardware - Modular locker in industrial quality

Our innovative, flexible, modular locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. You get durable, long-lasting lockers with low service requirements. The electronic components used, such as controllers and touchscreens, meet industry standards to ensure long-lasting durability. All this is Made in Austria - so we meet the highest quality standards.

Accessible from both sides with pass-through facilities

In order to install our standard systems seamlessly, a niche installation is particularly suitable. To do this, simply create a gap at the location with the dimensions of the system. Once all work has been completed, we install the locker system in this gap. This way, our solution fits perfectly into your building or shop window.

Wide scope for design with Partial or full foiling.

The application of logos, messages or individual subjects is possible with partial or full foiling. You can have the motifs replaced yourself at any time.
In this way they create an additional advertising space
for your business premises.

Cloud Software. Secure and efficient.

With our cloud solution, you reduce costs compared to on-premises solutions. The security of your data and the up-to-dateness of the software is increased by the professional support of the ISO 27001 certified data centre.

Cloud solutions are affected by disruptions much less frequently or, if the worst comes to the worst, they are remedied very quickly. They do not have to place an additional burden on their IT and save personnel and working time.

You get a secure, AES256 encrypted, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Interfaces to your systems.

Thanks to our open interfaces (API), the smart lockers can be integrated into existing software solutions, e.g. ERP, CRM and shop systems, employee databases and much more.

Cloud-based, microservice architecture is:

  • Scalable – it can be scaled horizontally at any time. 
  • Reliable – Essential services are distributed across multiple sites or closely monitored.
  • Up-to-date – through our continuous delivery process based on Kanban, all our customers are always up to date.
  • Secure – AES256 encryption enables secure data transmission and prevents the opening of compartments by third parties.

FAQ: Pharmacies Click and Collect - 8 frequently asked questions about the benefits of smart pick-up stations.

Click & Collect for pharmacies allows customers to order medicines or products online and then collect them from a nearby pharmacy. By using collection stations, customers can benefit from fast, convenient, 24/7 collection without having to put up with long waiting times at the pharmacy.

Pick-up stations offer customers the flexibility to pick up their orders at a time that is convenient for them. They can use the pick-up stations around the clock, so they are not tied to the pharmacy's opening hours.

Pharmacy operators can benefit from the use of pick-up stations in several aspects. Firstly, the crowding of customers in the pharmacy is reduced as the pick-up is done via the stations. This allows staff to focus on other tasks and improve customer service. Secondly, operators can make optimal use of the pick-up stations and thus use the limited space in the pharmacy more efficiently.

Customers can place their orders online or by phone and select the pick-up station when selecting the pick-up option. Once the order is provided at the pick-up station, the customer receives a notification with a unique code to pick up the products.

Yes, the pick-up stations are secure for the storage of medicines. They are equipped with robust materials and highly secure locking systems to ensure the protection of the products. Refrigerated compartments are available for temperature-sensitive medicines. In addition, the pick-up stations can often be monitored via surveillance cameras for added security.

No, customers usually have a certain amount of time to collect their order from the collection point after receiving the code. The exact collection period varies depending on the pharmacy and can usually be specified online or in the order confirmation.

If the code for the pick-up station does not work or customers have difficulty opening it, they should contact the pharmacy's customer service. The staff can help with technical problems and offer an alternative collection solution if necessary.

No, an internet connection is mandatory to use Click & Collect for pharmacies. Customers must be able to open the code via email. Our collection stations have a built-in LTE router, alternatively a LAN connection can be used.

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