VC KeyLine smart key safes

Variocube KeyLine key safes.

Hand over vehicle keys easily and securely with smart key safes.

Until now, handing over vehicle keys was not very smart, but this is changing from now on. Thanks to our newly developed lockers and the appropriate software for key handover, keys and vehicles can be picked up and returned at any time 24/7. The perfect solution for rental, service and test drives.

An elegant design

The new Variocube KeyLine key safes have been redesigned from the ground up and at the same time rely on the proven hardware components that we have been using for years. The modern and elegant design consists of a combination of stainless steel, high-quality powder coating and ergonomic lines. Personalised branding of the KeyLine can be achieved by a compartment insert embroidered with your logo and by a stainless steel base specially made for you. Show your brand in every detail and trigger a "wow effect" with your customers.

KeyLine key safe master module with touch screen
KeyLine key safe drawers

Safe and reliable.

Metal construction, electronics, software security and overall reliability of the system - all this was taken into account in the new development of the KeyLine key safe. For smart key cabinets, security precautions against cyber attacks are an important issue in addition to topics such as mechanical burglary and theft protection. The latter is fulfilled by means of integration into the VC Cloud Core System. For a high level of system security, external penetration tests are carried out with various attack patterns.

Thanks to the encrypted connection to our cloud via an integrated LTE router, the key vaults cannot be opened by third parties. Thanks to the close monitoring in the data centre, your data is secure and system failures are rare.

Your advantages with Variocube KeyLine key safes.

High burglar resistance

Even when the drawer is open, several safety measures prevent the user from entering an adjacent compartment.

Simple and safe processes

Thanks to our decades of experience in software development, the processes are clearly and intuitively designed.

KeyLine extension modules

Arbitrarily expandable

If necessary, the capacity can be expanded at any time by means of extension modules.

Where and how smart key safes are used.

Key acceptance and return for Car dealerships and specialist workshops.

With smart key safes, vehicle keys can be handed in, collected or exchanged at any time of day. Your opening hours can be optimised and your service times can still be extended. Your customers book the service appointment incl. rental vehicle either by phone, e-mail or on your website. The vehicle can be brought in the day before, in the evening or after work. Customers can take out the key of the rental vehicle and leave their own key in a safe place. 

This saves the users time and allows them to use a service that is tailored to their needs. As an entrepreneur, you have the advantage that the vehicles are available first thing in the morning and workshop planning can be optimised. Nowadays, customers' most important asset is their time. Help them to save it.

Flexible handover of rental cars with KeyLine key safes

Handover of keys for rental vehicles

Rental vehicle providers can flexibly extend service hours by using a smart key safe - including API integration into your rental platform. This makes it possible to rent out vehicles at weekends or during the night without additional high personnel costs.

One possible procedure: Vehicle keys and documents are permanently stored in the locker. The customer books a vehicle via your rental platform. The customer then only has to type in the booking code on the display and receives the corresponding key. At the same time, a handover protocol is stored on the server. If desired, a return can also be integrated into the process.

Flexible from A to Z.

Available 24/7

Drop off and pick up keys at any time.


Open API for connecting existing systems.

Reliable software solutions.

The Could solution is highly available and secure.

KeyLine key safes: Technical data

The new Variocube KeyLine has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a high level of burglary protection, while at the same time relying on the proven locks and other hardware components that we have been using for years. The modern and elegant design with housing and drawer fronts made of stainless steel and a powder-coated casing in Mica 618 anthracite ensures a premium look.

KeyLine key safe master module with touch screen
Body Galvanised sheet steel
Housing KTL primed and MICA 618 coated
Drawers, front panel, pull-outs Stainless steel ground and brushed
Display 10.1" PCAP touch display Outdoor version
Floor mounting required
Temperature range -20 to +35 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm 356 x 916 x 354

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