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For shopping malls, airports, hotels, university campus and much more.

The Variocube SafeCube is the solution for keyless rental lockers. Based on our modular locker system, the SafeCube software can be used as a daylocker in companies, shopping centres, universities, schools, airports, hotels, hospitals and many other locations. Our Software offers simple integration into existing systems via API and comprehensive, intuitive tools for Maintenance, administration and Overviews.

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Keyless rental lockers - less hassle.

By booking a rental locker via the system's operating terminal or the WebApp (WebApps do not need to be installed on the smartphone), analogue keys are no longer necessary. This saves you the additional work, costs and time associated with conventional systems due to defective locks, lost keys and forgotten number combinations. You can relieve your building technicians and offer your customers a better visitor experience.

The software for your rental lockers / Daylocker

The smart thing about our pick-up stations is the SoftwareComprehensive standard functions for order and user management as well as statistics for capacity utilisation monitoring give you a constant overview. The interfaces (API) to building management, shopping centre apps or other existing databases or applications offer ideal integration into your processes.

Smart API

Open interfaces (API)

Connection or integration with existing IT systems (building management, Shopping Center apps or employee databases, etc.).

Icon Backend

Intuitive backend

Backend for managing customers, orders, rental prices and monitoring system utilisation.

Integrated payment function

Free or chargeable use is possible. Pay directly when booking online or at the terminal by credit card.

Simply without APP

No app required

Users do not need to install their own app on their smartphone. SafeCube is 100% web-based.

The process with Safe Cube software for rental safe deposit boxes

Users register directly at the SafeCube terminal using their telephone number or e-mail address. They receive a link to the SafeCube mobile website by text message. The lockers are reserved there, opened at the touch of a button and released again after use.

Booking & payment directly at the terminal:

All the necessary data is entered at the system's operating terminal and the charges are paid using contactless payment at the card terminal. Depending on the configuration or customer request, delivery is made by e-mail, text message or on the display. The booked compartment can be opened at any time via the WebApp.

Booking & payment via smartphone:

The best thing about SafeCube? No special smartphone app is required.

Users simply open the relevant website, book a locker and pay during the process.

Would you like to use your own smartphone app? Thanks to the interfaces, your own apps can be easily connected and all processes then run via your own system.

SafeCube can also be made available to users free of charge. 

How is the opening code delivered?

The way in which the collection code is sent to the booker can be configured. By default, the codes and links to the WebApp are sent by e-mail. At the operator's request, they can also be sent by SMS. For users without a smartphone, the code can be shown on the display and must then be noted or memorised by the person making the booking.

By e-mail,

via SMS,

or shown on the display

Mobile view

Open a booked compartment:

There are two ways to open a reserved locker:

  1. Users enter the opening code on the system display.
  2. Opening the link in the e-mail/SMS takes you to the WebApp. There, the booked compartment can be opened in real time by clicking on the open button.

Once the period of use has expired, the empty compartment can be returned via a separate button.

Free online demo

Sign up for a free online demo today and experience our smart solutions first hand.

The smart solution for rental lockers

Our solutions are the ideal combination of hardware and software. The smart software is the heart of our locker systems and provides numerous advantages, combine different applications on one system such as Click & Collect, Serivce Cube, dry cleaning or POBox. Supplemented by Variocube hardware, you get a versatile system, flexible in application, size, compartment division, design and much more. Whether indoors or outdoors in the weather-protected version, our smart locker systems can be adapted to your requirements. 

The advantages of Safe Cube

No app

The opening code will be sent by e-mail, SMS or shown on the display.

Payment function

Payment function at the card terminal or during online booking.

Easy registration

Enter your email address or telephone number and you're ready to go.

Significantly reduced service costs

No lost keys and codes: you save on maintenance costs.

Individual design

Custom-made furniture by carpenters combined with Variocube software and electronics.

Modular cabinet modules

Our turnkey ProLine locker modules can be expanded at any time.

Family & Friends Sharing

Family or friends share a locker with the same code

Keyless - reduce costs

Save them time and money, no lost keys, skewered locks or forgotten number combinations.

Free or paid use -
The choice is yours.

Various options are available to the operator. Free use or a paid service.

If the user chooses to pay for the use of a locker, he or she can reserve the locker online in advance and pay with the preferred payment method. Alternatively, users can rent a locker directly at the facility and use the built-in card terminal for payment. We support you in integrating the payment service provider.

The opening code is either sent by e-mail or SMS after the booking has been made, or it is shown once directly on the display and can be noted down.

Locker systems for shopping centres Use

Application examples for Safe Cube software with Variocube lockers

Rental lockers for shopping centers

The innovative Variocube locker system for shopping centers offers clear advantages for operators and visitors. Low maintenance costs and reduced personnel expenses are decisive for center operators. Customers benefit from the easy usability or the versatility of the system through the combination of different applications such as Daylocker, Click & Collect Station, Dry Cleaning and many more.

Daylocker or employee locker for businesses, hospitals and office buildings.

As a daylocker for visitors or as a personal locker for employees, our systems offer clear advantages. Ideal for personal items that are to remain permanently or only briefly at the workplace. Lockers can be assigned variably or permanently, so that your employees always have a suitable locker. In addition, service providers such as dry cleaners can also use the lockers for pick-up and return, or parcel services can deliver directly to the facility.

Luggage storage for public places, educational institutions, hotels, airports and much more.

The classic application for rental lockers is at busy transportation hubs and educational institutions. Especially there, the need for a storage facility for luggage is particularly high. Variocube rental lockers offer an ideal solution for users and operators. Maintenance is low and booking is intuitive.

Coin lockers vs. smart lockers.

Comparison of maintenance costs, utilisation, etc. Daylocker

Smart locker systems are superior to conventional coin-operated lockers in many ways. The advantages of smart locker systems for the hotel and tourism industry are: Payment by credit card, no keys getting stuck, flexible rental costs, different prices depending on locker size and codes can be shared with family members.

They offer a modern and user-friendly solution for secure storage with electronic payment and convenient access control. The switch to smart locker systems promises an improved user experience and more efficiency for operators and users alike.

Coin lockers
Smart Locker Systems
AccessRequires coins or tokens to unlockAccess via various methods such as opening code (PIN), WebApp, etc.
User-friendlinessEasy to use as no technology is required. Only a conventional key is needed.More convenient and intuitive thanks to modern unlocking methods. Keys cannot be jammed or lost.
AdministrationLimited control options.Centralised management through SafeCube software. Emergency opening and cleaning accesses can be created by the admin.
Rental costsCoin insertion is usually only possible with €0.50-2 coins.Rental costs may vary by compartment size, prices can be changed in the backend. Guests receive the proof of purchase by e-mail.
PaymentBy error-prone coin insertion.Directly in the online portal during the booking process or on site via a card terminal.
SecurityLimited security as cheap locks can be easily picked.Robust compartment doors and carcasses as well as locks with very high tensile strength make breaking open possible only with force and burglary tools.
Fault toleranceSusceptible to coin blocking, jammed code cylinders, defective keys or other malfunctions.Robust and durable locking technology, high-quality hinges and a reliable, encrypted cloud infrastructure make the systems low-maintenance.
CostsLow purchase costs but high maintenance costs.Acquisition and maintenance costs are quickly amortised through variable rental fees.
FlexibilityLow flexibility in access regulation.High flexibility through customisable configuration and time control
User experienceSimple but limited functions for users. Only one key available.Usage code can be transmitted by e-mail, SMS or by showing it once on the display. Family members can open lockers without a key at any time using the code.
TraceabilityLimited traceability of use.Detailed transaction recording and statistics.

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