Smarte Mietschließfächer & Daylocker – Variocube Safe Cube

Smart rental safe deposit boxes & daylockers - Variocube Safe Cube

For shopping malls, airports, hotels, university campus and much more.

The Variocube Safe Cube is the solution for keyless rental lockers. Based on our modular locker system, the Safe Cube software allows it to be used as a daylocker in businesses, shopping malls, universities, schools, airports, hotels, hospitals and more. Our software allows easy integration with existing systems via API and provides you with tools for maintenance, administration and overview.


Keyless rental lockers - less hassle.

By booking a rental locker via the system's operating terminal or the app, analog keys are no longer necessary. This saves you additional effort and time that occur with conventional systems due to malfunctioning locks or lost keys.

The software for your rental lockers / Daylocker

The smart thing about our pick-up stations is the software: Extensive standard functions for order and user management as well as statistics for utilization monitoring give you a constant overview. The interfaces (API) connecting to building management, Shopping Center apps or other existing databases offer ideal integration into your processes.

Smarte API

Open interfaces (API)

Connection or integration with existing IT systems (building management, Shopping Center apps or employee databases, etc.).

Icon Backend

Intuitive backend

Backend for managing customers, orders and monitoring asset utilization.

The process with Safe Cube software for rental safe deposit boxes

Users register with their phone number directly at the Safe Cube terminal. They receive a link to the mobile Safe Cube website via SMS. There, lockers are booked, opened at the touch of a button, and released again after use.

Ablauf mit Daylocker

A solution for rental safe boxes

Our solutions are the ideal combination of hardware and software. The smart software is the heart of our locker systems and provides numerous advantages, combine different applications on one system such as Click & Collect, Serivce Cube or POBox. Complemented by Variocube hardware you get a versatile system, flexible in application, size, compartment division, design and much more. Whether indoors or outdoors, our smart locker systems can be adapted to your requirements. 

The advantages of Safe Cube

Belegtes Schließfach

Modular System

Flexible in size and compartment layout, optionally with NFC readers or payment function. No wishes remain open.

Einfach via APP

Keyless - reduce costs

Save time and money, no lost keys or skewering locks.

Smarte API

Advanced software

Open interfaces and management tools enable seamless integration with existing systems.

Flexibles Oberflächendesign

Integrated into interior design

Our lockers can be customized to the desired design.

Application examples for Safe Cube software with Variocube lockers

Rental lockers for shopping centers

The innovative Variocube locker system for shopping centers offers clear advantages for operators and visitors. Low maintenance costs and reduced personnel expenses are decisive for center operators. Customers benefit from the versatility of the system, such as Daylocker, Click & Collect station and much more.

Daylocker or employee locker for businesses, hospitals and office buildings.

As a daylocker for visitors or as a personal locker for employees, our systems offer clear advantages. Ideal for personal items that are to remain permanently or only briefly at the workplace. Lockers can be assigned variably or permanently, so that your employees always have a suitable locker.

Luggage storage for educational institutions, hotels, airports and more.

The classic application for rental lockers is at busy transportation hubs and educational institutions. Especially there, the need for a storage facility for luggage is particularly high. Variocube rental lockers offer an ideal solution for users and operators. Maintenance is low and booking is intuitive.