SmartKitchen the 24/7 canteen for employees

The SmartKitchen: Self-catering for your employees.

Fresh food 24/7 - The canteen for every size of business

Catering for employees is an important issue for every employer and employee. The existence of a company canteen can certainly influence the decision-making process of applicants. For companies, a company canteen is complex and cost-intensive, and the conditions and requirements vary greatly depending on the location of the company and the working time models, e.g. shift work. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, it has been almost impossible to realise their own company canteen, although everyone knows how important the "physical well-being" of the employees can be.

Hot meals, light snacks, drinks and everything available 24/7 in the smart cafeteria.

Together with our cooperation partners Rieber GmbH & Co. KG and various caterers the solution: Variocube SmartKitchen. Smart and digital is revolutionising the world of company catering! Our Variocube SmartKitchen is suitable for any size of business, requires no staff, is fresh, hot, cold, thirst-quenching, sustainable, available around the clock and intuitive to operate in self-catering.

With the right offer for your employees, you will increase their approval and satisfaction. An employee benefit that makes you more attractive as an employer. We consult you to find the right offer, size and payment options for your company. There is the possibility of integrating sustainable reusable systems for the food packaging and from our network we can arrange a caterer/operator for you.

Take out hot and cold food 24/7 in the SmartKitchen

The advantages of a Variocube SmartKitchen company catering.

Available 24/7

Your staff can order, reserve and collect food at any time.

Little effort for caterers

Store goods easily with just a few clicks or integrate them into existing shop systems.

Satisfied employees

Employee benefits increase satisfaction, which benefits your company.

The process from ordering meals to consuming it.

Invest in the future and get more employee benefits

Our Variocubes can do even more, as our software solutions are prepared for multiple use, applications such as Parcel Station, Click&Collect and many more can be activated at any time. For example: The online platform use regional dealers who deliver the goods ordered by employees to the locker system at your company location. We will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities and benefits.

As a supplement to an existing cafeteria, the SmartKitchen can be used to expand the cafeteria offering, e.g. through additional sales of food that employees take home. We will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities.

Variocube smart locker systems

Software extensions for your Variocube for satisfied employees

The smart thing about our locker stations is the software. With extensive standard functions, it offers numerous application options, such as parcel station, Click&Collect or mailroom service. Everything is already on board and can be activated as needed. An ideal employee benefit that also offers added value for your company.

PO.Box parcel station

Enables parcel delivery of private items directly to the locker at the workplace.

Click&collect delivery

Do your employees like to shop locally? The Variocube becomes a drop-off point. Added value for your employees.

Intralogistics and digital processes

Internal logistics can be handled via the Variocube. Securely transfer and distribute goods or documents.

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