Locker systems for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes.

Versatile solutions for a complex environment.

Hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes are demanding environments, especially in terms of hygiene and the sheer number of people going in and out every day. In Germany alone, 19.4 million people are treated each year, and this does not include the number of staff and visitors. For this reason alone, locker systems are an important piece of infrastructure for hospitals. The application scenarios are also diverse: from employee lockers, valuables storage to secure locks. This is where our smart locker systems can fully unfold their advantages. We support you with customised concepts to suit your requirements.

Disinfection with UV-C light

By installing UV-C light sources in the locker, the items stored in it can be cleaned of can be freed from viruses and bacteria without damage. This further reduces the risk of infection.

Smart solutions - optimize processes

Our versatile software and open interfaces make it possible to find the perfect solution and to simplify existing processes and make them more secure.

Safe storage - theft-proof

Access is secure by means of a code, key card or QR code. Variocube compartments can only be broken into with special burglary tools.

Application scenarios for locker systems in hospitals

Smart solutions for valuables.

Especially in emergencies, things often have to move quickly, so it is often difficult to keep an eye on patients' valuables. Smart locker systems for hospitals can be a big part of the solution in dealing with these. With customised processes and locker solutions, personal items can be quickly accounted for and kept safe from third-party access. This saves them time, costs, staff time and claims for damages. 

The Variocube locker systems for hospitals can be installed centrally at one location or divided over several wards or floors. Depending on the space available.

Flexible compartment sizes and design

The flexible combination of our modules means that you always have the right compartment size available, for stowing a watch, a travel case or the much-loved tuba of a new patient. The freely selectable coating and design of the surfaces offers maximum design freedom.

No lost keys or broken locks

Due to the fully digital control, no key can get lost or jammed. Our reliable industrial-quality locking systems impress with their long durability and minimal service effort.

Link to your patient database

Using an interface to your patient database, you can assign any compartment to each patient. This can then only be opened by staff or patients with barcodes, QR codes, access codes or NFC. Staff and transport routes are no longer necessary for handover.

Variocube as a safe lock.

Variocube locker systems for hospitals

Covid-19 showed us how sensitive the hospital ecosystem is to epidemics and pandemics. At that time, access to the hospital had to be minimized and meticulously controlled. This presented many individuals with the challenge of how to transfer clothing and items of daily use to relatives and friends. With our systems, these items can be easily stored and picked up by authorized individuals by sharing a pickup code, no keys, cards or personal contact required.

Reduce contact - doors on both sides

By fitting doors on both sides, it is possible to structurally separate the delivery and reception areas. This reduces the number of contact persons and patients can reliably receive their delivery. (Only possible with systems on wood)

Safe handover to risk areas

When used as a transfer point at high-risk areas (intensive care unit/high-infection area), personal contacts can be reduced and the transmission of viruses and bacteria minimised.

Secure assignment

By scanning barcodes, QR codes, access codes, or employee badges. only the authorized person gains access to items and documents.

Disinfection with UV-C light

By installing UV-C light sources in the locker, the items stored in it can be cleaned of can be freed from viruses and bacteria without damage. This further reduces the risk of infection.

Smart employee lockers

Variocube locker systems for hospital employees

Especially in hospitals, the need for storage space for personal belongings and clothing is high, as all employees have to wear work clothes for hygiene reasons. Simplify the use and management of lockers with a smart solution. Our locker systems for hospitals can be easily opened via smartphone or NFC terminal, the times of lost keys and forgotten codes are over. Variable locker allocation means that lockers can also be used by other staff on a different shift, making the most of often limited space. Administration, maintenance and cleaning are also simplified with the help of appropriate service and maintenance tools. For example, only unoccupied lockers can be opened and cleaned, which increases theft protection.

Variable allocation - optimize space

The variable allocation of the compartments means that they can also be used by different people. In this way, valuable space is saved.

Less maintenance - reduced costs

Lost keys, defective locks or forgotten codes are a thing of the past. With our maintenance and admin tools, you always have an overview.

Link to your employee database

By means of an interface to your employee database, you can also assign a compartment permanently. This can then only be opened by the corresponding person.

Internal mail and goods distribution

How can I distribute incoming mail and parcels efficiently? Here we have the ideal solution with intelligent locker systems for companies and software interfaces to their systems. Your colleague in the mailroom receives the mail and parcels, records them via OCR scan and stores them in one of the locker systems distributed throughout the building. The department or a:n employee:in then receives a message with a pick-up code and collects the item from one of the nearby stations. In this way, unnecessary journeys can be saved and staff can be better deployed. Dispatch can also be handled via the system.

Solutions for parcel lockers and internal mail distribution

Save time

Consignments or goods no longer have to be no longer have to be brought to the workplace, employees can remove all shipments from the locker and collect them from the locker.

Reduce costs

The elimination of multiple delivery attempts in the company enables personnel resources to be used more efficiently. A higher delivery rate is achieved by optimizing the first and last mile.

Safety & Sustainability

Reduced transport volume due to fewer delivery attempts lowers your company's CO2 emissions. Shipments are stored securely in the locker and only authorized persons can open them.

Versatile hardware.

Can be integrated into the interior design or ready-made locker modules

VC Integration Kit - the uncomplicated way to your own solution

Locker systems are making their way into more and more areas of daily life. The fields of application are wide-ranging and concern both the private and the business environment. Be it the reception of parcels in one's own apartment building, the collection of goods at a Click & Collect pick-up station or the mere storage of luggage in tourism. In all cases, it is possible to equip the locker systems with intelligent systems so that they can be controlled with smartphones, chip cards or codes.

Enables partner companies to use innovative hardware and software in their own furniture and locker systems. The VC Integrator Kit consists of the VC terminal with industrial PC and touch screen and the locks suitable for the requirement with or without integrated RFID reader.

Variocube locker modules - Modular system in industrial quality

Our innovative, flexible, modular locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. You get durable, long-lasting lockers with low service requirements. The electronic components used, such as controllers and touchscreens, meet industry standards to ensure long-lasting durability. All this is Made in Austria - so we meet the highest quality standards.

Variocube enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor use

Everything you always wanted to know about locker systems for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes:

Intelligent locker systems provide secure storage for valuables and personal items, optimise internal mail and goods distribution, reduce the risk of infection through UV-C disinfection and optimise many other processes.

Access is secure via a code, key card or QR code, and the lockers are theft-proof and difficult to break into. All data connections are encrypted and run via the integrated LTE router directly to the cloud or the in-house solution.

UV-C light sources in the lockers non-destructively remove viruses and bacteria from the items stored in them to minimise the risk of infection.

The areas of application range from the safe storage of valuables to use as a secure lock for documents and objects, as an employee locker to the internal distribution of goods and mail. All with connection to patient and employee databases.

Intelligent locker systems make it possible to quickly collect personal belongings and keep them safe from third party access, saving time, costs and staff.

The flexible modules allow the compartment sizes to be put together according to requirements and offer maximum design freedom.

Lost keys, defective locks or forgotten codes are a thing of the past, reducing maintenance and costs.

The systems allow easy storage and retrieval of items through the sharing of a retrieval code by authorised persons without personal contact with intermediate UV-C disinfection.

Via an interface, the VC Cloud can be connected to the corresponding client-side databases.

Doors opening on both sides enable a structural separation of the delivery and pick-up areas, reducing the number of contact persons. In addition, the contents of the locker can be disinfected with UV-C light.

By using it as a transfer point in high-risk areas, personal contacts are reduced and the transmission of viruses and bacteria is minimised.

Smart staff lockers offer easy access via smartphone or NFC terminal and allow flexible compartment allocation for optimal space utilisation.

Intelligent locker systems and software interfaces enable efficient distribution of mail and parcels and save unnecessary routes.

By integrating the Variocube hardware, it is possible for furniture and joinery companies to design the locker systems to match the furnishings.

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