The heart of VARIOCUBE is our software

Of course, we also adapt the software to your requirements. Both the user interface and the workflow are freely configurable thanks to state-of-the-art web technology. Depending on your needs, we create an individual web application especially for your needs. By using our frameworks, your business processes can be mapped quickly and cost-effectively.

Variocube Software


Thinking big?

No problem! Our web architecture allows you to control any number of locks in any number of locations around the world.


Our CUBE controller brings electronic lockers to the web using the latest REST API. By using a Java-based micro service architecture, we achieve the highest flexibility in the solution as well as absolute platform independence. höchste Flexibilität in der Lösung sowie Plattformunabhängigkeit erreicht.

You can also implement projects for our App Host yourself. Each lock is accessible via a globally unique address (URL) and offers an extensive REST API. The fast and easy implementation as well as the stable operation can be guaranteed by the efficiency of various software libraries available to us.

General Functions

Sending the storage and pickup codes by e-mail or SMS

Integration of multiple languages in the back and front end.

  • Occupancy display
  • Reminder functions
  • Vast maintenance functions
  • Task lists for service personnel
  • Web interface for support

All transactions are logged on the CUBE host and can be transferred to third-party systems as needed. For example, for pharmaceutical industry, food industry, clean room technology, safety technology, ...

State-of-the-art web interfaces leaves no wish unfulfilled when integrated into your systems. Several systems can also be connected. In the CUBE Admin Center the app are chosen, which app has access to the lockers.

The VARIOCUBEs are equipped with industrial grade routers and can be connected via LAN and WLAN, as well as via LTE. Also redundant or failover connections are possible at any time.

As a rule, purchases and services are paid for. If required, we can offer you a complete online payment solution with credit card, PayPal, direct transfer, SEPA direct debit etc.

There are centrally controlled updates both for the running systems and for newly installed CUBEs. A CUBE goes online with its original state and shares its ID. The CUBE Admin Center gives it its functions and initiates all installations and updates.

Local user administration, user roles, connection to central databases, LDAP, time-controlled access, and much more.

No requirement is the same. True to this motto, we have the opportunity to teach the VARIOCUBEs all the tricks to meet your business needs.

Not only the connection of the VARIOCUBE to your systems is a requirement, also the design of the application, which runs on the display of the VARIOCUBE, is decisive for your business success. Imagine installing an app in the same way as you do on your mobile phone, on the CUBE. The CUBE App Host is the platform. Your HTML5 application is the app !.