Variocube smarte Schließfachsysteme

Locker systems - flexible, versatile and modular.

Development, manufacturing and assembly in Austria.

Variocube Schließfachanlage

Our innovative, flexible locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. This gives you a long-lasting, durable locker system with a long service life and low service requirements.

The electronic components used, such as the controller and touchscreen, comply with industry standards to ensure smooth operations.

All Made in Austria - this is how we guarantee functionality and the greatest possible added value in Austria

Highest quality standards

Robust und Wetterfest

Weather protected

Our outdoor modules withstand even the most demanding conditions.

Sicher ist Sicher

Safe is safe

In the event of an attempted break-in, the lock sends an emergency signal. A firewall only allows encrypted communication to the cloud.

Belegtes Schließfach

Modular composition

Variocube systems can be flexibly assembled and expanded as required.

Outdoor Anlage Beispiel

VC Master - Central operating and control terminal

Our cabinet systems can be operated via an app and via the central control terminal.

The terminal includes an industrial PC and LTE router. A bright and robust touchscreen provides an optimal image to ensure easy and convenient operation. Even in direct sunlight. One VC Master module is always required per plant.

The VC Maser module is available as indoor or outdoor version.

One locker system - many possibilities with VC modules

A locker system is composed of several modules, so the system can be perfectly matched to your individual requirements. You thus have the appropriate compartment sizes and the correct total number of compartments.

Your requirements have changed?
No problem, due to the modular design VC modules can be added or exchanged for other compartment divisions at any time. No matter what the requirements, your cabinet system adapts.

How many operator and control terminals are required?
Only one! A VC Master module can control any number of lockers. From a certain size, however, it makes sense to integrate a second display.

Endless possibilities for design

There are (almost) no limits to the design of Variocube locker systems. The robust metal surface can be manufactured in numerous coating colors or can be used as an advertising space through surface stickers.

In order to integrate Variocubes seamlessly into your interior design, it is possible to have them custom-made by a carpenter. This gives you maximum creative freedom in the design and material of the systems.

Icon Stromversorgung

Little construction effort - the required infrastructure.

A VARIOCUBE system only requires a 230 volt socket and an internet connection. The internet connection is usually established by the built-in LTE router. Our CUBE Admin Center is directly connected to the cloud service of the mobile operator via an API. By operating our own APN in the LTE network, we have very extensive monitoring and security mechanisms at our disposal.

Maximum safety for cabinet systems

Variocube Tür
Hardware Kabel

The locks and hinges of the VARIOCUBEs can only be forcibly opened with suitable burglary tools. Nevertheless, if a compartment is squeezed opened, the lock would forward this information to the control unit and corresponding warning messages will be sent. The VARIOCUBE communication unit includes a firewall that blocks any inbound traffic.

A VARIOCUBE sets up an encrypted connection to the central administration system at startup. From there, the VARIOCUBE receives its information about the functionality to be provided and the applications to be loaded. It is not possible to invade the VARIOCUBEs through the network from the outside.

Die Paketlösung für Mehrparteinhäuser

Undeliverable packages are a problem
The usual parcel delivery times often do not correlate with the recipients' attendance times. The result is undeliverable parcels that are left at a substitute drop-off point - sometimes completely unsecured outside apartment doors. Collection from parcel stores, parcel stations or neighbors usually means additional routes and corresponding time expenditure.

The solution is called KeConcierge
The solution for parcels that cannot be delivered directly to apartment complexes and multi-party buildings is the KeConcierge parcel station. It is set up in the entrance area and can be used by all parcel delivery companies as well as local delivery services for secure storage of parcels and goods. Recipients benefit from a convenient pick-up option available around the clock - right where they are at home.

Let us configure the right system for you