Click & Collect Schließfächer

Smart Click & Collect lockers

The ideal 24/7 available multi-channel solution

Click & Collect lockers from Variocube are the ideal solution for combining the best of stationary retail with the world of online retail. Goods of all kinds can be picked up or exchanged 24/7 in a time-decoupled manner. The multi-channel approach saves customers time and travel. It opens up new areas of business for your company and optimizes processes.
Lösungen für Paketfächer

Reduce parcel shipping, cut costs and protect the environment.

Reduce the amount of packages you have to bring to the post office. This will save you on packaging material, postage, time for labeling and the way for delivery. This reduces costs and also protects the environment, as no more parcels have to be shipped within the city or the immediate vicinity. Your customer also benefits: he or she no longer has to go to the post office after a long wait, let alone to a pickup station.

Software for your Click & Collect pickup station.

The smart thing about our pickup stations is the software, with extensive standard functions, this offers numerous possibilities, such as monitoring the system utilization, order and user management and much more. The interfaces (API) to existing merchandise management, web store or customer management systems offer ideal integration into your processes.
Smarte API


Connection or integration into existing IT systems (web store, merchandise management, etc.).

Icon Backend

Intuitive backend

Backend for managing customers, orders and the workload.

Flexibles Oberflächendesign


The user interface can be customized to the design they want.

How does Click & Collect work?

  1. Your customers order goods by phone or via webshop and specify pickup as a delivery option.
  2. Your employee deposits the desired items in the locker.
  3. The recipient will receive a notification via SMS/email.
  4. Collection by the authorized person notification
    that the goods have been collected.
Click & Collect Prozess

The advantages of Variocube Click & Collect lockers

The advantage for their customers is obvious: ordered goods can be taken from the Click & Collect pick-up station at any time, even outside opening hours or on weekends. No extra trips or unnecessary stress to make it before closing time. Increase the satisfaction of your customers and bind them to your company in the long term with this additional service.


Multi-channel solution

More reach through the combination of online and brick-and-mortar retail.

Smart Solutions – passend zu ihren Anforderungen

Advanced software

Interfaces and management tools enable seamless integration with existing systems.


Optimization potential

Optimize internal processes, reduce the amount of packaging and the trip to the post office.

Application examples for Click & Collect pick-up stations

Interested in a multi-channel solution?