Smart rental lockers for hotel and tourism.

Rental lockers for guests and tourists.

Welcome to the future of luggage storage with a smart rental locker for hotel and tourism businesses! Offer your guests convenient, secure and modern luggage storage with our rental lockers for hotels. Security, convenience and innovative technology are at the forefront.

Our rental lockers offer numerous advantages for your hotel business. As experts for intelligent Locker Systems we understand the needs of the hotel industry and offer tailor-made solutions with modular locker systems, software interfaces to your systems or integration solutions to integrate intelligent locker systems into your interior design.

Advantages for hotel and tourism operators.

Individual design

Custom-made furniture by carpenters combined with Variocube software and electronics.

Significantly reduced service costs

No losing of keys and codes: you save on the maintenance of the locker systems.

Payment function

Payment function at the card terminal or during online booking.

Modular cabinet modules

Our turnkey ProLine locker modules can be expanded at any time.

Advantages for your guests

Easy registration

Enter your email address or telephone number and you're ready to go.

Family & Friends Sharing

Family or friends share a locker with the same code

Uncomplicated payment

By paying by card, you don't have to rely on coins.

No app

The opening code will be sent by e-mail, SMS or shown on the display.

Enhance the comfort of your hotel guests and day tourists with our customised hotel locker hire solutions. Our state-of-the-art locker systems not only offer your guests a safe place to store their luggage, but also a stress-free arrival. Imagine your guests arrive at the hotel early and the room isn't ready yet - no problem! Thanks to our user-friendly and secure lockers, your guests can store their luggage worry-free and start exploring the city straight away. Offer them the freedom of travelling without heavy luggage and the peace of mind that their personal belongings are safe in the hotel rental lockers. Our locker solutions are a sign of modern hospitality and emphasise your commitment to the well-being of every guest.

Usage scenarios: Rental lockers for hotel and tourism

Smart Locker systems are a low-maintenance alternative to traditional coin-operated lockers and offer many advantages for the hotel and tourism industry. With credit card payment, keyless entry, flexible rental costs and different locker sizes, they offer modern and user-friendly storage options. Switching to smart rental lockers for hotel and tourism promises a better user experience and more efficiency for their operations. A publicly accessible locker system offers not only hotel guests but also day tourists the opportunity to store their luggage safely.

Replacement for high-maintenance coin lockers

Smart locker systems are superior to conventional coin-operated lockers in many ways. The advantages of smart locker systems for the hotel and tourism industry are: Payment by credit card, no keys getting stuck, flexible rental costs, different prices depending on locker size and codes can be shared with family members.

They offer a modern and user-friendly solution for secure storage with electronic payment and convenient access control. The switch to smart locker systems promises an improved user experience and more efficiency for operators and users alike.

Attract day tourists and new customer groups.

Do you finally want to make profitable use of a vacancy or an unused ground floor area? With a publicly accessible locker system, not only your guests but also day trippers and occasional users can safely store their luggage.

Through freely selectable rental fees, acquisition, maintenance and operating costs pay for themselves. New groups of guests are directly addressed by the user-friendly service offer and consider an overnight stay in your hotel.

Rental lockers for hotel and tourism offer premium service

Free or paid use - the choice is yours.

Your guests have the freedom to conveniently reserve their storage lockers online and pay using their preferred payment method. Last-minute travellers can book a locker directly on site at any time and pay at the integrated card terminal. We ensure smooth integration of the payment service provider.

Benefit from flexible pricing based on the size of the lockers. In the backend, you can easily customise the administration and prices to suit your needs.

User-friendly rental lockers for hotels - SafeCube makes it possible.

Our Safecube application for intelligent locker systems offers a wide range of possible uses. User-friendliness, maintainability, statistics and high fail-safety are the focus here. Read more on the SafeCube detail page.

The best thing about SafeCube? Your guests don't need their own app on their smartphone.

Easy to use in tourism.

Rental lockers for extra customer service.

Online booking:

The lockers can be reserved and paid for directly via an online booking portal. This eliminates long queues at the system's operating terminal and payment is straightforward. The access codes are sent by e-mail or SMS. A booked locker can be opened at any time via the WebApp.

Booking on the system:

All the necessary data is entered at the system's operating terminal and the charges are paid using contactless payment at the card terminal. Depending on the configuration or customer request, delivery is made by e-mail, text message or on the display. The booked compartment can be opened at any time via the WebApp.

How does the booking and utilisation process work?

Open and use via WebApp.

SafeCube is 100% web-based, so your visitors do not need to install their own app on their smartphone. They receive access to their individual locker via the link sent to them and can open it at any time, even if they are not there in person. The locker can also be returned there at the end of the period of use.

What is a WebApp?
WebApps are platform-independent and do not require installation, which simplifies access. They are updated centrally so that users always use the latest version without having to perform manual updates. The development of web apps is often more cost-effective as they utilise universal web technologies and do not have to be specially adapted for different smartphone operating systems.

Free or chargeable use.

Short amortisation periods with flexible rental costs.

Various options are available to the operator. Free use or a paid service.

If the user chooses to pay for the use of a locker, he or she can reserve the locker online in advance and pay with the preferred payment method. Alternatively, users can rent a locker directly at the facility and use the built-in card terminal for payment. We support you in integrating the payment service provider.

The opening code is either sent by e-mail or SMS after the booking has been made, or it is shown once directly on the display and can be noted down.

Locker systems for shopping centres Use

Projects and clients from the hotel industry.

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Coin lockers vs. smart lockers.

Comparison of maintenance costs, utilisation, etc.

Smart Locker systems for hotels offer numerous advantages over traditional coin-operated lockers. They provide a modern, user-friendly and secure storage solution, ideal for the needs of hotel guests. The benefits include:

  • Convenient payment by credit card: No change required, simple and fast transactions.
  • No key problems: Avoids the risk of keys getting stuck and offers greater security.
  • Flexible rental costs: Prices can be adjusted depending on the size of the locker and the rental period.
  • Divisible access codes: Enables access to be shared with family members or fellow travellers.

These intelligent lockers offer a contemporary solution for hotels that improve the user experience for their guests and are also more efficient for operators. The switch to smart locker systems in the hotel sector means progress in terms of convenience and security.

Coin lockers
Smart Locker Systems
AccessRequires coins or tokens to unlockAccess via various methods such as opening code (PIN), WebApp, etc.
User-friendlinessEasy to use as no technology is required. Only a conventional key is needed.More convenient and intuitive thanks to modern unlocking methods. Keys cannot be jammed or lost.
AdministrationLimited control options.Centralised management through SafeCube software. Emergency opening and cleaning accesses can be created by the admin.
Rental costsCoin insertion is usually only possible with €0.50-2 coins.Rental costs may vary by compartment size, prices can be changed in the backend. Guests receive the proof of purchase by e-mail.
PaymentBy error-prone coin insertion.Directly in the online portal during the booking process or on site via a card terminal.
SecurityLimited security as cheap locks can be easily picked.Robust compartment doors and carcasses as well as locks with very high tensile strength make breaking open possible only with force and burglary tools.
Fault toleranceSusceptible to coin blocking, jammed code cylinders, defective keys or other malfunctions.Robust and durable locking technology, high-quality hinges and a reliable, encrypted cloud infrastructure make the systems low-maintenance.
CostsLow purchase costs but high maintenance costs.Acquisition and maintenance costs are quickly amortised through variable rental fees.
FlexibilityLow flexibility in access regulation.High flexibility through customisable configuration and time control
User experienceSimple but limited functions for users. Only one key available.Usage code can be transmitted by e-mail, SMS or by showing it once on the display. Family members can open lockers without a key at any time using the code.
TraceabilityLimited traceability of use.Detailed transaction recording and statistics.

Versatile hardware for rental lockers.

Can be integrated into the interior design or ready-made locker modules

VC Integration Kit - the uncomplicated way to your own solution

Locker systems are making their way into more and more areas of daily life. The fields of application are wide-ranging and concern both the private and the business environment. Be it the reception of parcels in one's own apartment building, the collection of goods at a Click & Collect pick-up station or the mere storage of luggage in tourism. In all cases, it is possible to equip the locker systems with intelligent systems so that they can be controlled with smartphones, chip cards or codes.

Variocube locker modules - Modular system in industrial quality

Our innovative, flexible, modular locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. You get durable, long-lasting lockers with low service requirements. The electronic components used, such as controllers and touchscreens, meet industry standards to ensure long-lasting durability. All this is Made in Austria - so we meet the highest quality standards.

Variocube enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor use

Smart rental lockers for hotels: frequently asked questions and comprehensive answers

Smart lockers are innovative luggage storage systems that offer hotels and tourism businesses a modern, secure and convenient way to store their guests' luggage.

  • Individual design through custom-made furniture in combination with Variocube software and electronics.
  • Lower service costs as no keys or codes are lost and the locker system requires less maintenance.
  • Payment function at the card terminal or when booking online for easy billing.
  • Modular cabinet modules that can be extended at any time.

  • Simple registration by entering the e-mail address or telephone number.

  • Family & Friends Sharing, where several people can use a locker with the same code.

  • Uncomplicated payment by card without coins.

  • No additional app required, as the opening code is shown by e-mail, SMS or on the display.

  • The Smart Locker systems offer a low-maintenance alternative to conventional coin lockers and can be used in a variety of ways:
  • Luggage storage for hotel guests and day tourists.
  • Storage options for and occasional user:inside e.g. during a shopping trip.

One example is the in Innsbruck's old town, which offers an intelligent locker system with three services: Rentable lockers for tourists, Click & Collect handovers from local retailers and rentable parcel stations for city centre residents or employees.

There are some significant differences:

  • Access:
    Coin-operated lockers require coins or tokens, while intelligent locker systems use different methods such as PIN entry on the display or a browser-based web app.
  • Ease of use:
    Smart compartments offer more modern and convenient unlocking methods and avoid problems such as jammed keys.
  • Administration:
    Intelligent locker systems enable central management and offer more control options.
  • Payment:
    Coin-operated lockers require coins to be inserted, while smart locker systems allow card payment or online reservation.

Smart locker systems record detailed transaction records and reports that allow better control and traceability of usage.

Smart Locker systems offer high flexibility through customisable configuration and timing.

Integration can be done via the VC Integrator Kit, which includes the VC terminal with industrial PC and touch screen as well as the appropriate locks. In addition, numerous options can be integrated.

The Variocube locker modules are innovative, flexible and modular locker systems manufactured to the highest quality standards. There is a wide range of different module sizes with a variety of compartment sizes so that even large pieces of luggage are no problem. They offer a durable and resistant luggage storage solution for hotels and tourist facilities.

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