Variocube parcel box - no more collection notes.

The ideal parcel and mail receiving solution for apartment complexes and multi-family buildings.

With the combination of our Lockers and installed thereon POBox software, residents can pick up parcels and other shipments 24/7 at any time without a smartphone app. Long waiting times or unnecessary journeys are eliminated and you increase the added value of the Housing complex. With extensive functions and an easy-to-use backend, a Variocube parcel box offers a wide range of solutions for residents and property managers.

Thanks to the modular design, the size of the POBox can be adapted to the number of residents. Compartments with letter slots can be permanently assigned, while the large parcel boxes can be flexibly assigned depending on the consignment and released again after removal. Residents never receive yellow slips of paper again. - Easy-to-use parcel box for recipients, messenger services and property management.

Our was specially developed to meet the needs of different users. An easy-to-use web application is available for recipients and parcel couriers. For the administrator, there is an interface where the occupancy status and users can be managed.

Package receipt and dispatch

Parcels are deposited in the POBox or collected from there.

No app necessary

Deliverers and collectors do not need their own app on their smartphone. Everything runs on the web and directly on the system.

User management

Adding by the administrator, self-registration, etc.

Easy storage

Parcel delivery staff can select recipients directly on the display or store items with a P.O. box number.

Our user management is simple and flexible.

There are several ways to add users to a parcel box facility:

  • Attachment by administrator
    The property management/customer service creates the users centrally.
  • Self-registration by the users
    Users log in at independently at the plant.
  • Other household members
    After successful creation/registration, the users can add or remove further household members independently.

How does the storage and collection with the parcel box work?

Parcel drop-off with POBox parcel box
  1. Select the receiver on the display
  2. Select the compartment size (according to the package size)
  3. Tray opens, the package can be stored
  4. After closing the tray, the recipient is automatically notified and receives a pickup code via email and/or SMS.
  5. If a valid pick-up code is entered on the display, the corresponding compartment opens and the shipment can be removed.

Free online demo

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Variocube POBox Application examples

Apartment buildings or multi-apartment buildings

On our page on residential construction you will find further information on processes, financing models or the construction of the plant as well as details on the required infrastructure.

Solutions for companies

Especially in growing companies, the question often arises: How do I efficiently distribute incoming mail and parcels? Here we have the ideal solution with smart locker systems and open software interfaces into your systems.

Extensive functions in the

Number of users and onboarding

Unlimited number of users at one location. Simple creation of users: self-registration, activation or new creation by the administrator.

Add household members

Once registered, a user can add or remove additional household members themselves.

Manage drop-off permits

To allow parcel services to deliver to the facility, parking permits can be issued centrally with one click.

Direct parcel shipping

If a shipping partner is available, parcels can also be collected from the facility.

Various receiver selection options

There are various ways in which recipients can be selected on the system's touchscreen: via list, search and parcel locker number.

Transfer of goods / sharing economy

C2C goods transfers or jointly used devices can also be managed/transferred via additional functions.

Maintenance access

Free compartments can be opened and cleaned or serviced via a maintenance code.

Pick-up notification by e-mail & SMS

The pick-up codes can be delivered via e-mail or Textmessage.

Create fixed collection codes

After activation, the collection code always remains the same. You no longer need to open text messages or emails to collect parcels.

Delivery with P.O. Box Number

A PO box number can be generated in the user backend. This means that consignments can also be delivered anonymously.

Customise display names

Users can independently change the name shown on the display.

Assign letter trays

If compartments with letter insertion flaps are installed, these are permanently assigned to the user.

Data protection first: VC-Cloud solution.

Reliability, security and DSGVO compliance are the be-all and end-all of modern software solutions. Because no company or private individual wants to deal with failures and security gaps. That's why we rely on a modern cloud service for our VC-Core software.

Data security and the up-to-dateness of the software are guaranteed by professional support from the ISO 27001 certified data centre. The connection between the facility and the cloud is direct and encrypted via the integrated LTE router. This makes it impossible for third parties to intercept data.

Cloud solutions are significantly less susceptible to disruptions. If the worst comes to the worst, they are quickly remedied. You get a secure, AES256 encrypted, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Interfaces to your systems.

Our open interfaces (API) allow the smart lockers to be connected to existing software solutions, e.g. sharing economy platforms, purchase management systems and property management apps.

Combine Variocube applications on one system.

Several Variocube software applications can be easily combined on one system. This way you get a multifunctional, smart locker system with which you can e.g. hand over keys of car sharing vehicles, offer services of dry cleaners and much more.

User stories about smart parcel boxes

FAQ about smart parcel boxes:

Our high-quality, smart parcel boxes enable convenient reception and secure storage of your parcels. They offer security, flexibility and convenience for stress-free parcel reception.

Our parcel boxes are individually planned and adapted to your specific requirements. Therefore, our parcel box systems cannot simply be ordered online. We attach great importance to offering you customised solutions that optimally fit your needs. Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation so that together we can select the ideal parcel boxes for you and carry out the installation professionally. We look forward to helping you realise your project.

Our parcel boxes offer you a variety of advantages over conventional delivery methods. First and foremost is the flexible round-the-clock parcel acceptance. You can accept your parcels at any time, according to your own schedule. In addition, our parcel boxes offer maximum security for your parcels. They protect your shipments from theft, damage and bad weather conditions. You can rest assured that your parcels will be kept safe and sound.

Our parcel boxes are efficient solutions for parcel delivery and collection in residential complexes. They make it easier for residents to collect parcels and enable delivery services to make convenient and secure deliveries. This optimises parcel logistics in residential complexes and reduces the effort for everyone involved.

Yes, our parcel boxes are customisable. You can choose from different sizes and features to optimally adapt the boxes to your needs. We also offer modern notification functions for transparent parcel tracking.

Our parcel boxes are equipped with robust electronic door locks to ensure safe storage of your parcels. They offer reliable protection against unauthorised access and are designed to keep your shipments safe.

Our parcel boxes optimise parcel logistics for commercial enterprises and increase efficiency. They enable fast and secure parcel delivery and collection, reduce the time needed to accept parcels and offer better organisation of parcel logistics. For modern mailroom solutions, take a look at LogisticCube.

Our parcel boxes offer clever solutions for parcel delivery in apartment buildings. They enable easy and secure parcel collection for all residents. Each parcel is securely stored in an individual compartment and can be conveniently collected at any time. Users can add other household members at any time.

Feel free to contact us for individual advice and customised solutions for your parcel boxes. Our competent team is at your disposal and will be happy to answer all your questions. Together we will find the optimal solution for your needs.

Yes, our parcel boxes are robust and durable. They have been specially developed for long-term use and offer a reliable solution for parcel delivery. You can rest assured that your parcel boxes will remain in top quality even with regular use.

Yes, we offer a professional installation service for your parcel boxes. Our experienced team will take care of the professional installation and ensure that your boxes are optimally positioned and securely fastened.

Yes, we offer a wide range of options and customisation possibilities for our parcel boxes. Whether size, colour or additional functions - we will find the right solution to meet your individual needs. Simply contact us and let us know your requirements.

Our parcel boxes are equipped with a modern notification function. You will be informed by e-mail or SMS as soon as a parcel has arrived in your box. This keeps you up to date and allows you to collect your parcels promptly.

Yes, we offer comprehensive maintenance and customer services for our parcel boxes. Our team will be happy to help you with any questions, technical problems or other concerns.

Yes, our parcel boxes are designed for use both indoors and outdoors. They are robust and weather-resistant, so they can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. We also offer a parcel box with a glass canopy as an additional option. This not only provides optimal weather protection, but also gives the boxes a modern and appealing look. Whether indoors or outdoors - our parcel boxes always offer you a secure and attractive solution for parcel delivery and collection.

The correct positioning of the parcel boxes within the property or building plays a decisive role for accessibility by parcel delivery services. It is important that the boxes are placed so that they are conveniently accessible for parcel delivery services. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the optimal choice of location to ensure that the parcel boxes are easily accessible.

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