Variocube API

For most of our projects a REST API is available.


The internal mail distribution, incoming mail and parcels as well as shipping or distributing goods can be managed via an external system. With REST API calls, deliveries can be stored in our cubes, shipped and picked up. The users and recipients can also be managed via the API. Deliveries can be created manually using the same endpoints.


The ideal parcel and mail receiving solution for apartment complexes and multi-party buildings. Via the REST API the occupancies of the lockers can be managed. The administration of the users and lockers can also be done via the REST API.


Rental equipment is controlled via the REST API. Devices can be created and the whole rental process can be managed.


Keyless rental lockers and Daylocker for shoppings malls, airports, hotels, university campus and much more.

Order (Click & Collect)

The Click&Collect solution for the Digital Marketplace and Clesyclean.

Order API Documentation (work in progress)


The deliveries can be controlled via the REST API. In contrast to POBox no registration is required for reservation of boxes.

Carrier API Documentation (work in progress)