Custom VarioCubes adapted to your requirements

Of course we adapt our software to your requirements. Both user interface and workflow can be individually designed thanks to modern web technologies. Depending on your use case we create a custom web application tailored to your needs. Using our frameworks we can implement your business processes fast and cost-efficient.

App Host

Bring your own app to the VarioCube. The app host offers an environment that allows any HTML5 application to run on a VarioCube. An easy-to-use API allows access to the lockers and other hardware.

Online payment

Usually purchases and services are for renumeration. VarioCube offers a complete online payment solution that supports credit/debit cards, PayPal, digital wallets, direct debit, etc.


We can implement customized workflow to perfectly meet the requirements of your business processes.


VarioCubes are equipped with industry-grade routers and support LAN, WiFi and LTE connections. Redundant and failover configurations are supported.

User management

Local user management, user roles, integration with central databases, LDAP, time-based access, etc.


Modern web APIs allow for seamless integration with your systems. Apps can be granted access to indivdual lockers through the central operations hub.


Centrally managed setup and update of the software running on the VarioCube. When a cube goes online it registers with its ID at a central operations hub. From there it receives its configuration and performs the necessary installations and updates.

Audit logging

All transactions on the cube can be logged for auditing. The log can be transfered to third party systems as needed.

Cloud Service

The cube controller exposes electronic lockers on web though a modern REST API. Using a Java-based micro-service architecture provides highest flexibility independent of the platform.

You can build your own apps for VarioCubes. Each locker is accessible through a world-wide unique address (URL) and offers an extensive API. Quick and easy implementation as well as reliable operation are achieved through various modern software libraries.

You have big plan? Great! Our web architecture allow a virtually infinite amount of locks to be managed from anywhere in the world.

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Compliance doesn't allow for cloud services?

We got you covered. Our services can be hosted on-premise. However, in most cases it's not even necessary to transfer sensitive data to the cloud service. Your application can request a locker using nothing but a transaction number that will be used for later reference. The data about your business process (what's in the locker, who is participating) stays in your internal system only.

Over the last 17 years we have learned how to tune in with enterprise IT systems. We know how to make things possible.