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The smart parcel station for residential complexes

Comfort, Quality & Safety

The compact, 24/7 available KeConcierge parcel stations are designed for installation in residential complexes. Thanks to decades of experience and high manufacturing quality from KEBA, they are durable and secure. Operation is simple and fast via smartphone app and touchscreen.
Parcels are deposited by the delivery staff in the compartments of the KeConcierge parcel machine. Recipients can now conveniently pick up their parcels around the clock where they live. Extra miles to parcel shops or distant parcel stations are a thing of the past, as are haphazardly deposited parcels.
Recipients, delivery staff and property managers all benefit from the advantages of the KeConcierge parcel solution.

KeConcierge advantages for residents, logisticians and property managers

Thanks to KeConcierge, every parcel can be delivered on the first try.
This brings advantages for recipients, deliverers and also property managers.

Dimensions [mm]

Technical highlights

  • Based on proven KePol CL parcel station
  • Robust, weatherproof housing weighing only 200 kg
  • User-friendly operation via app and touchscreen
  • Simple plug & play installation - even without an electrician
  • Common 230 V AC power connection (cold appliance plug)
  • Expandable with up to 8 additional modules
  • Wall or floor mounting
  • up to 50 mm level compensation for unevenness
  • Highest security against burglary and vandalism

    Subject system
  • Proven fan mix with 4 different sizes: S, M, L and XL
  • Compartment width 440 mm each, compartment depth 400 mm each Depth
  • 4 different heights [mm]:
    S: 85 (3x), M: 180 (5x), L: 370 (3x) and XL: 750 mm (1x)


Help & Support

  • Do you need help registering for the KeConcierge service?
  • Would you like support in operating the app or the KeConcierge system?
  • Or do you want to report a bug?

In such cases, please use one of the following two contact options: