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more about LogisticCube

With the Variocube LogisticCube application in combination with smart lockers, you can handle internal mail distribution, goods distribution, incoming mail and parcels as well as dispatch. Thanks to the time-dependent and secure transfer by means of a smart locker, it is possible to offer efficient and cost-effective internal logistics even in times of home offices and desk sharing. 

Advantages for your processes.

Save time

Consignments or goods no longer have to be no longer have to be brought to the workplace, employees can remove all shipments from the locker and collect them from the locker.

Reduce costs

The elimination of multiple delivery attempts in the company enables personnel resources to be used more efficiently. A higher delivery rate is achieved by optimizing the first and last mile.

Safety & Sustainability

Reduced transport volume due to fewer delivery attempts lowers your company's CO2 emissions. Shipments are stored securely in the locker and only authorized persons can open them.

Areas of application:

OCR label recognition

Capture & deliver incoming mail and packages with OCR.

Solutions for parcel lockers and internal mail distribution

Interne Postverteilung und Pakethandling

Optimise internal mail distribution

Outbound and returns processes.

Secure transfer to the recipient.

OCR Label Recognition & Interfaces

OCR (Optical Text Recognition) recognition of labels reduces data entry effort.

Automation is finding its way into many areas of a company, and can also significantly simplify processes in the mailroom. Recipients can be easily captured using OCR recognition of address labels.

The partially automated process of address entry saves time, as manual entry in form fields is no longer necessary. In addition, sources of error are reduced because typing errors are avoided. If readability problems do occur due to damaged labels or illegible writing, the consignment is identified in the system for manual reworking.

Interfaces to your existing systems.

With an API, our LogisticCube application can be fully integrated into your processes. Alternatively, you can also use the system as a stand-alone solution to best support your internal mail distribution and other processes.

Modular hardware:

Variocube locker design options

High quality materials

There are (almost) no limits to the design of Variocube locker systems. Our robust metal surface can be manufactured in numerous coating colors or used as an advertising space through surface stickers.

Variocube Custom Software

Turn-key solution to customised software

Of course, we also adapt the software to your requirements. Both the user interface and the workflow are freely configurable thanks to state-of-the-art web technology. Depending on your needs, we create an individual web application especially for your needs. By using our frameworks, your business processes can be mapped quickly and cost-effectively.

Variocube enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor use

Flexible cabinet systems

Our innovative, flexible locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. This gives you a long-lasting, durable locker system with a long service life and low service requirements.

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