Variocube parcel box for your apartment building - no more yellow slips.

Secure a smart parcel box and mail receiving solution for apartment complexes and multi-party buildings.

With the combination of our Lockers and the POBox software, residents can pick up parcels and other items from the parcel box in the apartment building 24/7 at any time. Long waiting times or unnecessary journeys are eliminated and you increase the added value of the Housing complex. With its comprehensive functions and easy-to-use backend, a Variocube parcel box offers a wide range of solutions for residents and property managers.

Modular design and individual allocation for optimal parcel storage and collection.

The modular design allows the size of the parcel box to be adapted to the number of people living in the house. Compartments with letterbox flaps can be permanently assigned, while the large parcel boxes can be flexibly assigned depending on the item and released again after removal. With the Variocube parcel wall, residents will never again receive unloved collection slips and benefit from an efficient and flexible collection of their parcels.

Easy-to-use smart parcel box in apartment buildings for recipients, courier services and property management with the

Our was developed specifically for the needs of different users. An easy-to-use web application is available for recipients and parcel bots. For the administrator a user interface is available where the occupancy level and users can be managed.

Exchange of goods

Package reception and shipping

Parcels are deposited in the parcel box or collected from there.

Versatile admin tools

User management

Adding by the administrator:in or self-registration. Additional household members can be added subsequently by the user himself.

Occupied locker

Easy storage

Parcel carriers can select the recipient directly on the display or deposit items using a P.O. box number.

Non-binding offer for a Variocube parcel box:

In just a few steps, we can tailor a custom Variocube parcel box for multi-party houses to your exact needs. Use our configurator and answer a few questions. Choose between indoor or outdoor installation, integrated letter slots and various financing models. Find out more about the monthly costs and the smooth process of storage and collection with the Variocube parcel box.

The right positioning is crucial for deliverers, the location should be easy to find and accessible.

Letter slots
If the system is to replace classic post boxes, letter slots or flaps can be integrated.

There are various financing models to be able to integrate the costs into the operating costs in the case of retrofitting.

Monthly costs
A monthly service fee covers all running costs such as LTE connection, cloud service, updates and support services.

Variocube locker systems for companies

Offer configurator

How does the storage and collection process work with the parcel box?

Parcel drop-off with POBox parcel box
  1. Select the receiver on the display
  2. Select the compartment size (according to the package size)
  3. Tray opens, the package can be stored
  4. After closing the tray, the recipient is automatically notified and receives a pickup code via email and/or SMS.
  5. If a valid pick-up code is entered on the display, the corresponding compartment opens and the shipment can be removed.

Variocube Parcel Box Application Examples

Apartment buildings or multi-apartment buildings

On our page on residential construction you will find further information on processes, financing models or the construction of the plant as well as details on the required infrastructure.

Solutions for companies

Especially in growing companies, the question often arises: How do I efficiently distribute incoming mail and parcels? Here we have the ideal solution with smart locker systems and open software interfaces into your systems.

Questions about parcel boxes? We have the answers:

A parcel box system in an apartment building is an innovative solution for secure and efficient parcel delivery. It is a special locker system with individual compartments where parcels can be dropped off and stored.

A parcel box system in an apartment building consists of a series of individual compartments into which parcels can be placed. A delivery service or courier can place the parcel in the corresponding compartment and lock it securely. The recipient then receives a notification with a pick-up code or barcode to collect the parcel.

A parcel box system in an apartment building offers several advantages. Firstly, it enables flexible and convenient parcel collection around the clock. The recipient can pick up the parcel when it suits him best. Secondly, the parcel box ensures secure storage of the parcels. Each compartment can be locked individually and is only accessible to the recipient. Thirdly, the parcel box can speed up the delivery process, as the delivery person can place the parcel directly in the box without having to wait for the recipient.

Yes, many companies and online shops offer the option of sending parcels to a parcel box in the apartment building. As a rule, the address of the parcel box and the corresponding compartment number must be specified when ordering. The recipient then receives a notification when the parcel has arrived and can collect it using the assigned code or barcode.

Yes, parcel boxes in apartment buildings are basically secure. Each box is individually locked and only accessible to the recipient. The locks withstand high tensile loads and can only be forced open with suitable burglary tools.

Are there any restrictions on the size or weight of parcels that can be placed in a parcel box in an apartment building?

Yes, parcel boxes in apartment buildings usually have restrictions on the size and weight of the parcels. These are set by the manufacturer or supplier. However, if required, special solutions such as modules with deeper compartments or special pallet compartments can be included in the planning.

The costs for using a parcel box system in an apartment building can vary. As a rule, the running costs are included in the operating costs. For additional services, such as delivery, subscription fees may apply, which are determined by the respective shipping partner.

Yes, letterbox flaps can be integrated, this then replaces the usual letterboxes. Compartments with letterbox flaps are directly connected to the user and are not changed for each item. This also enables the secure storage of letters and documents in the parcel box in the apartment building.

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