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The digital locker - Variocube Smart Locker Systems

The solution for exchanging goods, receiving parcels and a wide range of other applications.

Up to now, lockers have been dormant, but smart technologies are now turning them into All-rounders. We see the locker as part of a future-oriented Species, goods and packages temporal to be exchanged in a decoupled manner. With 20 Years Know-how in software development, we have every Quantity Experience, lockers as a cost and time-saving Element for a variety of processes for Order to be able to put

Variocube locker design options

One locker, many possible applications

Smart lockers are being used more and more frequently in a wide variety of places, whether in companies, universities, shopping centres and many more. Genauso breit fallen die möglichen Einsatzzwecke aus. Mit Hilfe von smarten Systemen lassen sich Prozesse optimieren, Kosten reduzieren und die Effizienz steigern. Whether as a transfer point for goods and defective equipment, for renting tools, for receiving parcels, for internal mail distribution, as a daylocker or for selling gas cylinders: The locker is the multitool in your building.

Custom Solution
Order development to suit your requirements

The software - applications that increase your efficiency

Based on our many years of experience in the realisation of smart lockers and software applications, we offer applications such as POBox, SafeCube, ServiceCube, Click & Collect, RentalCube and LogisticsCube as standard in our portfolio. You benefit from fast implementation, low set-up effort and a wide range of functions. In addition, we also offer our customers individual solutions for special wishes and requirements for hardware and software. Thanks to the available interfaces, our applications can be perfectly integrated into your existing systems and processes.

POBox - Parcel box


Mail and parcel logistics,
goods transfer.



Rental lockers, daylocker, luggage storage



Device service, hardware storage, rental

Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Click & Collect, Multi-Channel-Solution dry cleaning services



Internal mail distribution, Inbound and outbound processes



Rental solutions, Hardware stocking and issuance

The hardware - Modular locker in industrial quality

Our innovative, flexible, modular locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. You get durable, long-lasting lockers with low service requirements. The electronic components used, such as controllers and touchscreens, meet industry standards to ensure long-lasting durability. All this is Made in Austria - so we meet the highest quality standards.

Variocube enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor use

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