The Door Opener

We are a turn-key provider of web-based locker systems. Our VARIOCUBE system comes as complete solution for independent package logistics, day-locker, click & collect, service and micro-logistics hubs - even combined in a single facility. Based on our standard applications, we also offer our customers individual solutions for their specific needs and requirements in hardware and software.




For the business of tomorrow: Whether as a post office, internal logistics hub or for the mobility sharing - the possibilities are endless.


The all-rounder in the residential complex: PO Box, parcel station, shipping - all in one. Variocube transforms estates into smart homes!

Shopping Center

Add convenience for your customers: VARIOCUBE locker systems are perfect for storing luggage and purchased goods.

Click & Collect

Buy online, pick up locally: Extend your offer and let the customer decide when he wants to pick up his goods.


Become a service king! Distributed hardware storage (spare parts and devices), bring-in service, equipment rental, vehicle fleet management, and much more.

Public Spaces

Welcome to the Smart City! Public lockers at the university campus, in the town hall, in the theater, in the city of the future.


Versatility is our daily business

Our software covers most standard applications right out of the box:

Variocube P.O Box

P.O. Box

Mail & parcel logistics, exchange of goods

Variocube Safe Cube

Safe Cube

Rental lockers, daylocker, luggage storage

Variocube Service

Service Cube

Device service, hardware storage, rental

Variocube Click & Collekt

Collect Cube

Click & Collect, dry cleaning services

Apart from our standard offers, a variety of custom solutions are not only conceivable, but feasible..

Variocube Handyansicht


The heart of our solutions is always our cloud based VARIOCUBE software.

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Variocube Hardware


We install only high-quality electronic components and manufacture in Austria.

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Variocube P.O Box


The structure, surface and decor of the VARIOCUBEs can be chooeen individually.

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