Hardware of VarioCubes

By default VarioCubes are equipped with 7 inch touch screens, a small computer, an LTE router and controllers for managing the locks. Most use cases can be perfectly covered with this basis.

If your hardware requirements exceed this setup, we can usually fulfill your wishes. Because the software runs on a variety of platforms and requires low computation power, the barriers to find the right components are low. Let us know your specifications and we will come up with the right setup for your use case.

Light and Power

We can equip your VarioCube, or only some lockers, with additional lighting and power supplies. That allows for example to charge devices within the VarioCube.

Barcode and RFID

A central barcode reader can be installed in the cube. That allows to simplify many processes.

RFID scanner can be plugged into each locker or centrally next to the touch screen. There are no limits your creativity when developing modern services with VarioCube.

We didn't think of everyhing?

You would like to integrate a scale, sensors or other devices? Sure, please let us know. We are curious.