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Digital marketplace - innovative pilot project for local supply

Smart lockers throughout the city area

Security of supply and strengthening regional trade 

Digital, regional and easy to use - the pilot project "Digital Marketplace" will in future supply Linzers directly in the neighbourhood conveniently and without long detours. Specifically, these are lockable self-service pick-up stations with partially refrigerated compartments. Goods previously ordered online or by phone will be deposited there and collected by the customers by means of a sent code. The digital pick-up stations are to be set up at 15 locations of the Volkshäuser in the city of Linz.

"Linz is the first city in Austria to install a digital marketplace in this form. The pick-up station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all citizens. This guarantees security of supply with short delivery routes. Especially elderly and infirm citizens are enabled to shop in a sustainable, convenient and customer-oriented way without long distances," Mayor Klaus Luger welcomes the project.

"The digital marketplace is a smart pick-up station where goods are deposited by suppliers and can be easily deposited and picked up by customers at any time. This means there are no long waiting times in the shop and no more restricted opening hours. This is our answer to Amazon & Co. We are strengthening the regional economy with this," emphasises Deputy Mayor Markus Hein.

The Digital Marketplace (DMP) is open around the clock and is to be set up in the future in about the 15 Volkshäuser in the city of Linz - from Urfahr to Ebelsberg. Linzers can take advantage of this offer free of charge, i.e. without a user fee.

The possible appearance of the Digital Marketplace in Linz.

Short distances for older people

The Digital Marketplace is intended to relieve the burden of everyday life, especially for older, frail people. Whether it's daily mail, shopping or ordered parcels - extra trips to the local grocer, baker and co. are saved with the help of the smart pick-up boxes, as the goods can be deposited directly in the Digital Marketplace and picked up near one's own residential unit. Customer-friendly payment options at the supplier and a simple operation to open the pick-up station round off the offer.

New distribution channel for regional suppliers

For suppliers, the Digital Marketplace opens up an interesting business model with new distribution channels. With minimal effort, traders have the opportunity to spread their business over many different locations in Linz - regional trade is thus on a par with classic online trade.

The 15 Volkshäuser in the city of Linz are earmarked as potential locations for the Digital Marketplace (DMP).

"Being able to deliver around the clock even in the event of a crisis offers businesses a unique advantage over traditional online trading," explains Hannes Pöcklhofer, who is significantly involved in the pilot project with his company "HP Projektentwicklung Pöcklhofer". The company developed the "Digital Marketplace" together with the "Variocube GmbH" and the UPPER AUSTRIA. Food clusters already in the communities St. Florian, Lichtenberg and Gramastetten were tested and implemented.

This innovative distribution option is used by local retailers and regional suppliers to bring their products to their customers through corresponding direct marketers. A selection of those businesses from which orders can be placed can be found on the web at "All potential suppliers for the pilot project in Linz can now come forward to make contact with the transfer stations to be set up," says Infrastructure Officer Deputy Mayor Markus Hein.

Simple operation - this is how it works

The technology of the digital marketplace system is easy to use. The goods are ordered online or by telephone from the suppliers, specifying the pick-up station to which the customers would like to have the goods or the package delivered. After payment has been made and the goods have been delivered, they receive a pick-up code with which they can remove their goods from the station. 

The parcel boxes are allocated dynamically for each consignment and released again after collection. Customers are informed of the delivery by e-mail or SMS. By means of a pick-up code sent to them, they can remove the parcel from the locker at the pick-up station at any time completely independent of the delivery.

(Information document for the press conference of Mayor Klaus Luger and Infrastructure Officer Vice Mayor Markus Hein on the subject "Digital Marketplace)

Further interlocutor:
Hannes Pöcklhofer, Managing Director HP-Projektentwicklung Pöcklhofer