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Flemings Hotels & Variocube: Innovation in your luggage.

The renowned family business "Flemings Hotels" has positioned itself in the highly competitive hotel market in top city locations. Digitalisation plays a central role in the brand's core strategy, which manifests itself in the switch to self-check-in systems in the mid-range hotels, among other things. This innovative approach required an efficient, user-friendly and digital solution for luggage storage - a service that allows guests to make the most of their time at the hotel or in the city, regardless of check-in times. So far, this service has been successfully integrated at the Frankfurt-Central, Frankfurt Main-Riverside and Wuppertal-Central locations.

The challenge: Digital solution for traditional processes.

This strategically targeted digitalisation brought with it the challenge of finding a suitable luggage storage solution that not only improves the guest experience, but also works reliably and is easy for employees to use if a guest needs help. The need for an intuitive, cashless and process-optimised solution led to a targeted analysis of the criteria of Flemings Hotels taking into account, online search finally led to Variocube.

The decision in favour of Variocube: a combination of functionality and professionalism.

Variocube has proven itself due to the  outstanding features such as user-friendliness, cashless payment options and the large selection of modules with many different compartment sizes, which are perfectly tailored to the needs of the Flemings Hotels are harmonised. The consistently professional discussions and support during the entire project phase, from the preparation of the offer to the final implementation, were also decisive factors that strengthened confidence in the product and the company.

"Variocube is the best product in terms of the features that are important to us, such as an easy-to-understand process, cashless payment, different compartment sizes and, ultimately, value for money," confirms Mr Zimmermann, Head of Central Purchasing at Flemings Hotels.

Focus on reliability and integration of the existing payment service provider.

The reliability of the system and the chosen partner was at the centre of attention right from the start - the Variocube team was able to fully convince here: "Reliability was an important criterion right from the start, e.g. when preparing the offer, when making change requests and also during implementation. This is not a matter of course in today's world". Another critical point was the integration of the payment process with the existing partner, which required intensive coordination in order to ensure a smooth and satisfactory solution. Guests can now pay directly on site at a Card terminal pay and Flemings Hotels has all transactions in the familiar environment and no additional costs or extra work.

Clear process definition and training give employees security when help is needed.

The introduction of the Variocube rental locker systems at the first three locations of the Flemings Hotels led to a complete reorganisation of processes, as the topic of automated baggage storage was uncharted territory. Staff were prepared for the operation of the standalone solution through targeted training: "It is important here that we provide our colleagues on site with assistance if problems arise and what solutions can be found. That provides security".

SafeCube is customisable and enables individual pricing.

The turnkey software solution for day luggage "SafeCube" from Variocube can be put into operation with little effort. Each operator can independently define individual prices per compartment size or flat-rate prices in the administration interface and change them at any time. This gives operators the necessary flexibility in pricing. Acquisition and operating costs can thus be amortised quickly. Flemings Hotels uses individual prices depending on the selected compartment size and booking duration. Payment is made conveniently by card at the payment terminal.


The SafeCube app makes our smart locker systems the ideal solution for rental lockers.

Payment function

The payment functions are integrated into the online booking. Card terminals are also available on site.

Extended service & time for the essentials:

Not only has the range of services been expanded, but staff also have more time for guests. "The system relieves our employees, who were so busy with baggage acceptance at peak times that they had too little time for the actual interaction with our guests. Now our Fleming's Hosts time for the essentials again: Answering questions or helping with check-in".  Mr Zimmerman is satisfied.

Converting unused space into profit centres.

The conversion of the often unused public areas into profitable spaces opens up new sales opportunities, according to the interview: "It transforms the existing space in the public area into a sales and profit tool and enables us to utilise the space sensibly.  The strategic positioning of the facilities in the hotel lobbies ensures optimum accessibility for guests, luggage is quickly stowed away on arrival and departure and is always ready to hand with little effort. In addition, the Fleming's Hosts to assist guests at any time if required.

Variable cabinet modules, integrated card terminal and customised design.

The project managers of the Fleming Hotels it was important to achieve the largest possible mix of compartments in order to optimally accommodate the different luggage sizes. This is where the Variocube ProLine locker system really comes into its own. The customer can choose between 34 individual modules, which can be customised to form a complete system. In addition, the system blends in perfectly with the overall look of the lobby thanks to the matching Flemings design foiling, so as not to appear as a foreign body in the stylish public spaces. A key point was to integrate an easy-to-use payment terminal into the system to make booking as simple and uncomplicated as possible for users.

Acceptance and implementation of the system.

The response to the system varies depending on the location and guest clientele. While it has been very well received at the hotel at Frankfurt Central Station with 400 rooms, high footfall and an international clientele, it is used less frequently at other locations. "We have had very positive experiences with Variocube as a company. The service concept is very good. The product works almost flawlessly. We are very satisfied." concludes Mr Zimmermann.