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Barrier-free parcel station from Variocube with clearly visible operating elements, compartment pull-outs and orientation aids for easy and independent use.

Inclusive parcel stations: A step towards an inclusive society

In today's fast-paced world, parcel stations have become an integral part of our everyday lives. The new inclusive parcel station from Variocube is an innovative solution to give everyone access to this important service.

Unlock4All a barrier-free parcel station in Linz

Customised, inclusive parcel stations that can be used by everyone.

Variocube has developed barrier-free parcel stations that are specially tailored to the individual needs of people with disabilities. Thanks to intelligent functions and different user profiles, the parcel stations can be used without unnecessary hurdles so that parcels can be received around the clock by all user groups.

Functions of the inclusive parcel station

The Inclusive Parcel Station offers a range of special functions designed to cater for different types of disability:

  • Voice output
  • Code entry via keypad
  • Buzzer for localising the open compartment
  • Pull-outs for wheelchair users
  • Visual orientation aids for the visually impaired

UnLock4All project

Variocube's inclusive parcel stations were developed as part of the UnLock4All project. This project aims to address the challenges of parcel delivery, in particular the frequent lack of accessibility for recipients at parcel stations and the transport of large and heavy parcels from the station to their home. By thoroughly investigating the areas of accessibility, addressing and mobility solutions, developing new ideas and involving people with different disabilities in the design process, UnLock4All aims to develop inclusive solutions that enable parcel receipt for all user groups2.

Unlock4All research project


Variocube's accessible parcel stations are more than just a convenient way to receive and send parcels. They are a step towards a more inclusive society by ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to use this important service.