You are currently viewing Institute of Science and Technology Austria macht Sendungs- und Materialübergabeprozesse zukunftsfit.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria makes consignment and material transfer processes fit for the future.

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) in Klosterneuburg / Lower Austria has been conducting cutting-edge research in the disciplines of physics, mathematics, computer science and life sciences since 2006. With the right to award doctorates, another focus is on training the next generations of researchers. For the steadily increasing number of parcel deliveries, they rely on locker systems and software solutions from Variocube to receive and distribute them internally in an efficient and traceable manner.

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Increasing shipment volumes pose new challenges for IST Austria

With its multidisciplinary approach, IST Austria promotes the exchange of researchers from a wide range of disciplines. The scientists can follow their interests without thematic restrictions. The campus, built in 2009, provides modern facilities and equipment. 

Over time, the ever-increasing number of incoming shipments became a challenge. There was no transparency in delivery or defined processes and the desire for an innovative, digitally trackable solution grew. In the search for a partner for parcel and mail handling, Variocube came to the attention of Österreichische Post AG in 2019.

Correct positioning and interfaces to the customer SAP save time and ways.

After the initial discussions, it became clear at which points the Variocube solution should be used, how it could be integrated into existing software systems and which processes needed to be redefined. Locker systems were installed in each of the buildings on campus, in easily accessible locations, in order to keep the routes of the delivery staff and employees short and efficient. 

Variocube locker system at the camp entrance
Positioned in the right places, the locker racks shorten pick-up routes.

The customer's SAP system was connected via the API of the Variocube cloud software. Variocube's REST interface enables the automatic transfer of statuses such as changes in storage locations, transfers and allocation to cost centres. IST Austria thus gains new transparency and security in the transfers.

Short distances due to central positioning
Each campus building has its own pick-up station.

New processes simplify collections and increase efficiency.

New storage and retrieval processes were introduced by integrating them as seamlessly as possible. Deliveries are received in the central warehouse and picked accordingly. The colleagues in logistics select the recipient from a list when the goods are stored in the appropriate locker location. The recipient then receives a notification by e-mail and can remove the consignment independently at any time using a code.

Expensive rental equipment and consumables can be requested and returned be requested and returned at any time.

Researchers can collect expensive scientific equipment directly from a Variocube Smart Locker facility via a rental system, regardless of the attendance times of the responsible department. The equipment is returned in the same way and is checked for defects before being booked back. Consumables can also be ordered via the internal SAP Materials Management and distributed via the Variocube locker system. This saves a lot of time for all staff involved and simplifies daily work.

Cooling compartments enable the transfer of temperature-sensitive materials.

In scientific research, substances are always needed whose cooling chain must not be interrupted. For this reason, it was decided to integrate Variocube-ProLine modules with cooling function when assembling the systems. In this way, there is also an optimal transfer path for temperature-sensitive substances, which offers the advantages of temporally decoupled transfer.

Employees appreciate the flexibility.

"The new solution has been very well received by the employees. They appreciate the flexibility due to the 24/7 accessibility of the facilities and the fact that they can pick up their items at any time," the project managers at IST Austria explain to us, "in test operation, the interfaces and processes were tested and adjusted where necessary. Since then, our new locker solution has been working very well on the hardware and software side."

IST Austria relies on LogisticsCube

With the help of LogisticsCube, internal mail and parcel transfers can be made more efficient. Together with our customers, we find the optimal solution to decouple handovers in terms of time, to make them independent of presence and thus to reduce costs in the long term.