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Variocube at the Long Night of Research 2024: Working together for sustainable logistics

On 24 May 2024, we took part in the Long Night of Research in Vienna as part of the PhysICAL project. Together with other project members, we presented innovative solutions for improving urban logistics systems at CAPE10.

Variocube develops smart locker systems and software technologies that make parcel shipping more efficient and environmentally friendly. With our intelligent solutions, we are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and relieve the burden on urban areas.

The PhysICAL project

The PhysICAL project aims to research and implement physical and digital solutions to improve urban logistics systems and make them more sustainable. The project consists of several pilot projects that address different aspects of logistics in order to enable a broad implementation of the Physical Internet in Austria.

Our joint stand at CAPE10

Our stand at CAPE10 provided a platform to highlight two specific areas of our research and development:

Calculation tool for intermodal transport: We presented an innovative tool that calculates the costs, duration and CO2 emissions of intermodal transport compared to pure lorry transport. This tool enables an objective comparison of the efficiency and environmental impact of different transport options and promotes the use of more environmentally friendly transport methods.

Smart locker systems and memo boxes for the last mile: Another focus was on our smart locker systems and the memo boxes. The memo boxes were selected to replace cardboard as a packaging material and thus reduce the amount of waste. These boxes are stored in smart lockers and delivered to the recipient's locker using sustainable means of transport. This solution aims to minimise the environmental impact of the last mile of delivery and increase the efficiency of parcel delivery.

Reactions and perspectives

The response from visitors to the Long Night of Research was very positive. The presentation of our solutions showed a growing awareness of and interest in sustainable logistics solutions. These findings will help us to further refine our technologies and adapt them to the needs of users.

Research projects and innovation

The fact is: locker systems are a central component of the last mile in parcel logistics. But they also open up completely new possibilities for goods handovers, rental solutions and much more. This is exactly where our innovative spirit comes in and we are working in various innovative research projects on the future of intelligent locker systems as a smart city hub, for new types of logistics solutions, as an additional sustainability booster, the use of new types of materials, but also on the accessibility of the systems for people with impairments.