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4 questions and the answers for companies

Companies are always looking for new, more efficient solutions. We support in the process of Path of the traditional Solutions and to leave a Step into the future of intralogistics. That's why we have picked up 4 important points from past Conversations with customers and answered them succinctly:

Where to put personal belongings when desk sharing?

Smart locker systems distributed across the site offer the ideal solution. The lockers can be variably assigned so that your employees always have a suitable locker nearby. 

This saves time and travel, in contrast to fixed assigned compartments.

How do we distribute mail and parcels internally?

The post office accepts letters and parcels, registers them using an APP and stores them in a locker. The department or an employee then receives a pick-up code. Dispatch processes are also possible.

Personnel are thus better deployed. 

How can I hand over equipment be handed over to employees in a flexible way?

Business mobile phone broken? But the colleague responsible is not in the building? No problem, replacement and new devices can be stored in the locker and released to the respective employees as needed. 

They create an additional transfer point and can make processes more efficient.

How do my employees get the right special tools?

Special tools are often expensive, so in many cases they are stored centrally. This can also be done in a smart locker.

Your teams and service staff have 24/7 access and there is a more detailed rental history.

Smart locker systems in companies and office buildings

Smart locker systems can perform numerous tasks in companies. As personal lockers for employees to pick up goods and equipment, as an internal mail station in the office building and much more. Due to the versatility of our hardware and software, there are (almost) no limits.