You are currently viewing 4 Gründe, die für eine smarte Paketstation sprechen.

4 reasons that speak for a smart parcel station.

You're probably familiar with this: You're waiting for an important parcel, but can't stay at home to receive it. The or the delivery person:in leaves a notification "We have unfortunately missed" - you rush to the branch to be able to pick up the package today. But it is not yet there or pick up during opening hours is not feasible for you. With a parcel station for multi-party houses and apartment complexes can solve all this.

What are the advantages of a parcel station?

"We missed each other, unfortunately"

No longer exists, the Paketbot:in deposits the shipment in a locker.

No more closed branch

You can simply take the shipment out of the parcel station and save time and way.

24/7 pick up from the parcel station

You don't get home until late in the evening? The parcel station is accessible 24/7. Parcels can be taken out at any time.

Intuitive usage via

You receive a notification and can open the locker with the code. Household members are created independently in the app.

Invest in a pick-up station and offer residents and owners a real premium experience. For many, a contemporary option for receiving parcels is part of the self-image of a modern residential complex. Optionally, mail slots can also be integrated, you get a turnkey solution, everything from a single source.

Package stations for residential complexes are a real convenience for your property.

Increase the added value of your system and invest in a smart parcel station. You can find out more about this topic by clicking on the button. We are also happy to advise you on possible solutions.