You are currently viewing Neue ParkBox in Norderstedt: Smarte Schließfachanlage für kostenfreien Sportequipment Verleih

New ParkBox in Norderstedt: smart locker system for free sports equipment hire

Stadtpark Norderstedt recently opened an innovative ParkBox, which offers visitors a new way to hire leisure equipment free of charge. The intelligent locker system from Variocube offers a convenient and modern solution for all park visitors.

An innovation from Variocube: the basis for the intelligent ParkBox in Norderstedt

The ParkBox is a modern locker system that allows visitors to borrow various leisure items such as handcarts, balls and table tennis sets free of charge. The ParkBox enables every visitor to pursue their hobby without having to bring additional equipment to the city park. There are also empty compartments for jackets or other valuables. The service is free of charge for registered users.

Headless-Locker technology: operation without a touchscreen.

Equipped with the new headless locker technology from Variocube, the ParkBox enables smooth operation without a conventional touchscreen. The innovative technology communicates with the cloud via LTE, making all data available in real time. This guarantees fast and efficient management of rental processes.

Simple operation without app installation

An outstanding feature of the new ParkBox is its user-friendliness. Visitors do not need to install an app to use the lockers. Instead, they can log in directly via a user-friendly website. The lending interface is designed so that users can borrow the desired items with just a few clicks.

Automated hire solution for sports equipment in Norderstedt city park
Real-time dashboard for full control.

ParkBox users benefit from a comprehensive dashboard that displays all current booking data in real time. Information such as booking time, duration of use and past bookings can be called up at any time, making the use of the ParkBox even more convenient and transparent.

Free hire for a wider range of leisure activities.

The ParkBox in Stadtpark Norderstedt is a prime example of modern technology in the service of the general public. With this initiative, the park administration is helping to improve the leisure experience for park visitors while making it easier to access popular leisure facilities.

The intelligent locker system is another step towards a digitalised and user-friendly future. Variocube once again demonstrates how technology can simplify and enrich everyday life. Visit Stadtpark Norderstedt and see the benefits of the new ParkBox for yourself!