Smart rental solutions for sports equipment, garden tools and much more.

Rental solutions with smart locker systems for tools, garden equipment, sports equipment and much more.

Automated hire solutions offer end customers a convenient way to hire garden equipment, sports equipment and tools. Automating the rental process ensures easy handling and maximum flexibility, as items can be borrowed and returned regardless of opening hours. This increases customer satisfaction and facilitates access to the required items.

The automated rental solution for end customers, private individuals or residents.

Simplify the lending of sports equipment, garden tools or tools.

Automated rental solutions offer private individuals, customers and residents numerous advantages. The innovative systems automate the entire rental process, offer maximum security and enable flexible use around the clock. Whether garden equipment, sports equipment or tools - automated hire solutions offer an efficient and user-friendly solution for everyday use.

Easy access to required items

For these groups of people, automated lending solutions offer a convenient way to borrow various everyday items. Automating the lending process ensures ease of use and maximum flexibility, as items can be borrowed and returned regardless of opening hours. This increases the frequency of use and makes access to required items easier and more convenient.

Automated hire solution for sports equipment in Norderstedt city park

Advantages of smart pick-up stations for automated rental solutions:

Simple transfer

Open and close compartments using QR codes, key cards or numerical codes.


Available 24/7

Your pick-up station for equipment hire is also available 24/7 outside opening hours and offers time flexibility.

Flexible with WebApp

The LendApp offers an overview app with simple lending processes for end customers.

Efficient management

Automated lending systems reduce the administrative workload and ensure complete documentation of all lending and return processes.

Smart wear compartments are already in use:

Who can use smart hire stations?

Cities, municipalities or public institutions...

Automated rental systems are ideal for use in cities, municipalities and public facilities. These systems give citizens round-the-clock access to tools, sports equipment for public parks and much more. In addition, the automated hire stations require little maintenance and care, thus avoiding cost-intensive operation. At the same time, the administrators always have an overview of utilisation, reported problems or can provide quick and uncomplicated assistance in the event of problems.

Businesses - sports shops, snack bar operators, lido operators, DIY stores, start-ups...

For businesses such as sports shops, snack bars, lido operators, DIY stores and start-ups, automated hire systems offer considerable advantages. These systems allow sports equipment, gardening equipment or tools to be rented flexibly, which improves customer service and creates additional sources of income, and can also be expanded to several locations at low cost, as no additional staff costs are incurred, for example. Beach resorts and sports shops can use such systems to facilitate access to leisure equipment, while DIY stores can offer their customers a convenient way to hire expensive tools instead of buying them.

What can be borrowed?

Advantages for providers/operators

API interfaces:

Any further questions?

RentalCube - The smart locker software for rental solutions

Automated rental solutions with short integration times

Experience the future of your tool, equipment, sporting goods or IT equipment rental with RentalCube - your solution for automated rental solutions! With our intelligent rental stations, your customers can collect and return equipment, tools, sporting goods and much more around the clock. Perfectly integrated into your existing systems, RentalCube offers an intuitive front end for easy selection and booking as well as a comprehensive back end for user management and statistics. Optimise your processes and save resources. Switch to automated rental solutions now.

Interfaces to your systems

Connection or integration into existing systems (webshop, merchandise management, CRM, etc.).

Intelligent front end

The frontend offers customers a selection of available objects, time periods and much more.

Extensive backend

Administrators can view and edit stock levels and rental logs in the backend.

How does the loan process work?

Procedure RentalCube

Open and operate via WebApp.

Our rental application is 100% web-based, so your visitors do not need to install their own app on their smartphone. They receive access to their individual locker via the link sent to them and can open it at any time, even if they are not there in person.

What is a WebApp?
WebApps are platform-independent and do not require installation, which simplifies access. They are updated centrally so that users always use the latest version without having to perform manual updates. The development of web apps is often more cost-effective.

The hardware - Modular locker in industrial quality

Our innovative, flexible, modular locker systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. You get durable, long-lasting lockers with low service requirements. The electronic components used, such as controllers and touchscreens, meet industry standards to ensure long-lasting durability. All this is Made in Austria - so we meet the highest quality standards.

Cloud software. Secure and efficient.

With our cloud solution, you reduce costs compared to on-premises solutions. The security of your data and the up-to-dateness of the software is increased by the professional support of the ISO 27001 certified data centre. 

Cloud solutions are affected by disruptions much less frequently or, if the worst comes to the worst, they are remedied very quickly. They do not have to place an additional burden on their IT and save personnel and working time.

You get a secure, AES256 encrypted, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Automated rental solution

An automated rental solution is a system that allows customers to rent equipment or items around the clock. This is done via smart lockers and cloud-based software that offers flexibility and efficiency.

The system uses modular lockers and cloud software to manage the borrowing and return of items. Customers can collect and return their loan items securely and automatically at any time.

Cities, municipalities, public institutions various companies such as tool rental companies, DIY stores, surfing and sailing schools, sports retailers, lido operators Vehicle rental companies benefit from automated rental systems through an optimised and efficient rental process.

Variocube lockers are suitable for a variety of items, including tools, garden equipment, bicycles, sports equipment (table tennis, paddle tennis, spikeball, football, volleyball) SUP board, and even keys.

The main features are 24/7 availability, secure cloud software, modular locker systems and integration into existing ERP and shop systems. The solution supports various rental applications, from tools to vehicles.

The RentalCube software offers specially customised solutions for the service and rental process, including API integration for existing ERP and shop systems, without any major set-up effort.

Variocube lockers use high-quality industrial components and a secure, AES256-encrypted cloud solution operated by an ISO 27001-certified data centre.

Yes, the solution is highly customisable and can be integrated into existing systems and developed for specific applications. This flexibility allows companies to customise the system to their individual needs.

Compared to local solutions, cloud software offers cost savings, increased data security, reduced IT workload and minimised downtime. It ensures that the system is always up-to-date and efficiently managed.

The 24/7 availability of the lending services, the reduction in waiting times and the guarantee of a seamless lending process significantly increase customer satisfaction.

No, the Variocube solution is designed for easy setup with minimal effort. The modular design and API integrations simplify the installation and integration process. The locker system itself only requires a 230V power connection and the internet connection is established via an integrated LTE router.

Variocube provides comprehensive support, including planning advice, integration assistance and ongoing 2nd level technical support to ensure smooth operation and maximum benefit from the automated rental system.

We will be glad to help you with the planning of your processes.

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