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Now available: VC ProLine LGA1 and LGA2 long goods compartments

To solve the special challenges of our customers, we have developed the VC ProLine LGA1 and LGA2 cabinet module. These enable the storage of land goods with a length of up to 300 cm and a diameter of up to 45 cm. Used for the first time by our customer REXEL Austria at its site in Vienna, our LGA modules have already proven themselves in everyday use. There they are used intensively for 24/7 trolley transfer in the Click & Collect station.

Top view ProLine LGA1 and LGA2

From the special solution to the standard range.

Due to the versatile use of the VC ProLine LGA cabinet modules, they were included in our standard range after successful testing in the test phase and can now be ordered by all customers. The goods are stored vertically in the cabinet modules and thus require particularly little space; depending on the dimension, several items can also be stored in one compartment. The new module variant opens up new transfer paths, even for bulky goods.

Variocube long goods module - VC ProLine LGA1

VC ProLine LGA1

1 compartment [W x D mm] 460 x 650, open top

Maximum dimensions of the contents:
1 piece 300cm long / 45cm diameter

Variocube long goods module - VC ProLine LGA2

VC ProLine LGA2

2 compartments [W x D mm] 220 x 650, open top

Maximum dimensions of the contents:
3 each 300cm long / 20cm diameter

REXEL Austria extends collection times with Variocube Click & Collect solution

REXEL Austria, a full-range supplier for electrical retailers and specialist for building automation, sensor technology and automation, relies on an innovative Click & Collect solution from Variocube for its pick-up station. Seamlessly integrated into the company's own ERP & TMS, the Smart Locker system enables 24/7 collection of previously ordered goods. Long goods locker modules were developed especially for this project and secure pallet storage spaces were integrated in order to be able to transfer the majority of the assortment of 220,000 articles smartly.