You are currently viewing Der Schlüssel 🔐 zur Flexibilität und Effizienz im modernen Büroalltag: Smarte Schließfächer für Mitarbeiter

The key 🔐 to flexibility and efficiency in modern office life: smart lockers for employees

The smart locker solutions from Variocube are ideal as lockers for employees in today's flexible working world. They represent a multifaceted solution that positions itself in the area of conflict between technology, flexibility and everyday suitability in modern office life. At a time when flexible working models and efficient use of space are becoming increasingly important, Variocube's locker systems and software solutions offer an answer to the changing demands on the workplace. They create a link between the physical and digital world of work and support companies in the transition to new working models such as home office and desk sharing. Here are some further aspects of how Variocube helps companies not only to make the workplace more attractive, but also to sustainably reduce costs through intelligent solutions:

OfficeLine locker systems, tailor-made and individual for an integrated niche installation.

Flexible working environments and parcel logistics with lockers for employees and the right software:

In dynamic work environments, Variocube's intelligent locker systems enable secure and organised storage of personal and business items in lockers for employees. The LogisticsCube software solution also ensures efficient internal company mail distribution, which is particularly advantageous in flexible working environments.

Trends in Remote Work & Desksharing:

In 2023, 12.7 % of full-time employees will work from home, while 28.2 % will follow a hybrid work model that includes both home and office work. Despite the increase in remote working, 59.1% of the workforce will continue to work in the office.

These trends highlight the importance of flexible working environments and the need to be able to store personal belongings and receive parcels and other internal shipments flexibly.

The transition to flexible workplaces is driven by technological advances and worker autonomy. Efficient parcel logistics through LogisticsCube and the secure storage of personal belongings through Variocube's smart employee lockers significantly support this development.

Advantages of smart lockers for desksharing employees

Smart lockers for employees offer an intuitive service for your employees in many places, such as parcel distribution, inboxes, rentable lockers for employees, click & collect or the issue of IT equipment. They are more cost-effective than conventional lockers, as they eliminate the need for repairs, forgotten codes or keys and facilitate the internal distribution of parcels.

Locker systems for companies

Areas of application for Variocube in office environments:

Variocube offers a wide range of intelligent locker solutions for various application areas that go beyond their use in companies as lockers for employees. These include residential areas, accessible parcel stations, shopping centres, hotels and tourism, public areas and healthcare facilities such as hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

With its smart locker systems and SafeCube and LogisticsCube software solutions, Variocube offers an innovative approach to the challenges posed by flexible working models and everyday modern office life. The solutions create a solid basis on which companies can adapt their working environments to the changing conditions. By improving internal logistics and providing secure storage facilities, Variocube supports the vision of an efficient, flexible and productive working environment that meets the demands of the modern working world.

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