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Rethinking space: niche installation of parcel stations and locker systems 🏢🔄

At a time when efficient use of space and intelligent design solutions are becoming increasingly important, the niche installation of ProLine parcel stations and lockers sets new standards. This strategy goes beyond simply saving space and represents an innovative approach where aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. By integrating seamlessly into the environment, these locker systems not only create a place where parcels can be received around the clock, but also offer an understated aesthetic.

Niche installation of a Variocube parcel station with ProLine modules

🛠️ The role of architects in planning a niche installation in a new building.

Architects can provide rooms and niches in new buildings that are optimised for the niche installation of lockers and parcel stations. By taking niches into account in their designs, they enable an elegant and flush integration of ProLine systems that harmoniously combine functionality and design.

➕ Retrofitting and adaptation in existing buildings

The niche installation of ProLine systems also opens up new possibilities in existing rooms. Existing niches can be used intelligently by serving as locations for parcel stations and lockers. Trims can be used for an aesthetic finish, creating a clean and attractive unit in the room. This flexibility makes ProLine an optimal solution for any room situation.

🌟 Why ProLine for mounting in niches?

ProLine lockers and parcel stations are characterised by their robustness, durability and adaptability. Their flexibility in size and configuration makes them the ideal choice for installation in niches where efficient use of space is paramount.

📈 Essential advantages

  • Space optimisation: Installing ProLine lockers and parcel stations in niches maximises the usable space.
  • Adaptability: Different sizes and configurations allow adaptation to different space and usage requirements.
  • Security: The systems provide reliable protection for parcels and shipments.
  • Ease of use: They offer a practical and innovative solution for the end user that is available around the clock and does not require unnecessary travel.

🛍 PlusCity uses entrance areas smartly

PlusCity shows how the installation of ProLine locker systems in alcoves can transform the space. The entrance areas have been upgraded by integrating lockers, contributing to an improved customer experience through modern and smart rental lockers.

🔗 Functionality, aesthetics and sustainability

The niche installation of ProLine locker systems and parcel stations is more than a space-saving measure. It is a future-oriented solution that redefines the use of unused space in buildings. These solutions combine aesthetics, functionality and innovation to meet the demands of an ever-changing world and an ever-increasing volume of parcels. They not only provide convenience for users, but also contribute to significant CO2 savings through new approaches to the last mile.