You are currently viewing Die Zukunft der Gastfreundschaft: Integration von Self-Check-in für Hotels und Variocube-Gepäckaufbewahrungssystemen

The future of hospitality: integration of self-check-in for hotels and Variocube luggage storage systems

At a time of increasing demands for efficiency and convenience, city centre hotels are undergoing a significant transformation with the introduction of self-check-in systems for hotel guests. This development is complemented by the implementation of intelligent luggage storage systems such as the Variocube system, as these smart locker systems offer an additional level of flexibility and efficiency to the guest experience.

Introduction of self-check-in technology for hotel guests

Self-check-in technology for hotels allows guests to bypass the traditional front desk and provides a streamlined process for accessing their rooms upon arrival. These systems include kiosks or mobile applications that facilitate the entire check-in process.

Self-service on the rise in the hotel industry

The hotel industry is increasingly focussing on self-check-in systems to improve guest service and increase operational efficiency. With these systems, hotels are responding to the changing expectations of modern travellers.

Efficient self-check-in for your hotel guests
Advantages of self-check-in systems for hotels

The introduction of self-check-in systems reduces waiting times and avoids long queues at check-in, which increases overall guest satisfaction and enables a pleasant start to the hotel stay. In addition, by automating the check-in process, hotels can reduce their operating costs and give staff more time to advise and assist guests.

Key functions of self-check-in systems for hotels

Self-check-in systems for hotels offer multilingual support and seamless integration into existing hotel management systems, largely eliminating potential language barriers.

Integration of Variocube luggage storage systems

Luggage storage systems from Variocube are an extension of the self-check-in offer in hotels. These systems allow guests to safely store their luggage if they arrive before the official check-in time or still have time to leave after check-out.

Relief for staff during peak times

Especially at peak times, when many guests arrive or depart at the same time, the Variocube luggage storage systems take the strain off staff. At these self-service stations, guests can drop off or collect their luggage themselves, relieving staff of routine tasks and allowing them to concentrate on more demanding services.

Variocube's smart luggage storage in a hotel lobby
Flexibility and security

The luggage storage systems offer a secure and flexible solution for guests' needs. Guests can store their luggage securely in the lockers, which can be used either free of charge or for a fee.

Flexible pricing model

Hotels can either offer luggage storage as a free service to increase guest satisfaction or charge a fee for the use of lockers to generate additional revenue. This decision can be based on the hotel's strategy, target group or seasonal factors. Operators have the option to change and adjust the prices themselves at any time, they can be based on the size of the locker, the duration of use or a combination of different factors.

Increase in turnover through utilisation of unused space

By installing Variocube luggage storage systems, hotels can convert unused space in the lobby or other public areas into valuable revenue streams. These areas, which otherwise do not contribute directly to revenue, can be used efficiently to maximise the financial benefit for the hotel.

Profit centres in strategic areas

By placing luggage storage systems in strategically favourable areas, such as near the entrance, meeting rooms, unused floor space or in the lobby, hotels can benefit from high customer footfall. These areas are therefore not only utilised functionally, but also contribute directly to increasing sales.


The combination of self-check-in technology and Variocube luggage storage offers hotels the opportunity to improve the guest experience and optimise the check-in process. Hotels can convert unused space into revenue streams and thus increase their economic success.

Flemings Hotels & Variocube: Innovation in your luggage.

The renowned family business "Flemings Hotels" has positioned itself in the highly competitive hotel market in top city locations. Digitalisation plays a central role in the brand's core strategy, which manifests itself in the switch to self-check-in systems in the mid-range hotels, among other things. This innovative approach required an efficient, user-friendly and digital solution for luggage storage - a service that allows guests to make the most of their time at the hotel or in the city, regardless of check-in times.