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Key points for the integration of intelligent parcel stations in companies:

In a world where flexibility and digitalisation are redefining the way we work and the volume of parcel shipments is constantly increasing, parcel acceptance in companies is becoming a challenge. Variocube's intelligent parcel stations are establishing innovative solutions that not only increase efficiency, but also enhance convenience for employees. The integration of such systems offers numerous advantages: from 24/7 parcel collection to smooth integration into existing IT landscapes. This blog post highlights the most important aspects for the successful implementation of this technology in your company.

Automated parcel stations:

The installation of intelligent parcel stations enables employees to collect parcels themselves at any time. These stations can be opened with pick-up codes or employee ID cards to ensure secure and simple parcel handover. The handover is then completely independent of working hours or employee presence. An ideal solution for hybrid working time models.

Solutions for parcel lockers and internal mail distribution

Central collection centre with its own staff:

Establishment of a central parcel acceptance point in the company, which is supervised by trained staff. This staff is also responsible for the internal distribution of parcels.

Direct acceptance without personnel:

Parcels can be delivered directly to an intelligent parcel locker system. There is no need to pass through security gates or the reception desk, and initial acceptance does not require the presence of staff. After storage, the parcels are transferred to the company's internal process by the mailroom staff.

Digital shipment tracking and notification system:

The selected system should have comprehensive shipment tracking options. A system that registers the receipt of parcels semi-automatically and automatically sends a notification to the responsible employee in the warehouse after successful storage. This can be done by e-mail, SMS or via an internal company application.

Flexible pick-up locations and pick-up times:

Several collection points can be set up in the company to make travelling easier for employees. It is advisable to distribute the collection points throughout the company to keep distances short; lobbies, employee entrances, busy corridors or close to break areas are suitable locations.

Allow flexible pick-up times, possibly even outside regular working hours.

Integration into your IT systems:

Integrate package management into your existing software systems. This saves you time-consuming duplicate maintenance. Employee databases, ERP and CRM systems (e.g. SAP) and logistics systems should be connected via interfaces.

Training and guidelines for employees:

Regular training and clear guidelines for employees on how to handle parcels are important to minimise misunderstandings and errors.

Variocube's solution to these challenges? LogisticsCube.

With the Variocube LogisticsCube application in conjunction with intelligent lockers, you can handle internal mail distribution, goods distribution, incoming mail and parcels as well as dispatch. Your company saves time and money, increases security and sustainably reduces emissions during internal transport.

Time-decoupled and secure delivery using Smart Locker enables efficient and cost-effective internal logistics, even in times of home office and desk sharing.


After initial acceptance, the consignments are recorded using OCR software and automatically assigned to the recipient and parcel station. Internal dispatch processes and dispatch to external recipients are also mapped.

Our LogisticsCube application can be fully integrated into your processes via an API. Alternatively, you can also use the system as a stand-alone solution to optimally support your internal mail distribution and other processes.

The LogisticsCube application is already in use at many companies and has been continuously developed on the basis of customer requirements. This enables us to guarantee a very high level of practicality and efficiency in the processes.